Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Review

MotoGP teams don't use stick gauges, why should you?

Consistency is key.Jeff Allen

There's a reason you don't see MotoGP teams using stick gauges—consistency is key. This is where Motion Pro's Digital Tire Pressure Gauge comes in. At $100, it's about 100 times more expensive than the stick gauges at your local gas station. The hefty price tag buys accuracy: plus/minus 0.6 psi precision is displayed in 0.1 psi increments. You also have a choice of four pressure scales and a backlit display.

The Motion Pro gauge has two nifty auto features as well. An adjustable auto-off feature to shut down the gauge when it doesn’t detect any pressure. This extends the life of its two AAA batteries a bit longer. Also, an auto-on function can use a small amount of battery power to continually monitor chuck pressure and turn on the gauge when it detects some. This is handy at the track, where frequent pressure checks are common. Hectic paddock or serene garage, a billet chuck and aluminum body with a rubber boot should stand up to regular use.

The only real complaint is the price tag. Once you can get over the sticker shock you’ll have one of the finest tire-pressure gauges on the market.


Grade: A
Summary: Top-of-the-line tire-pressure gauge with a top-of-the-line price
Price: $100