Mission Workshop The Rhake Roll-Top Backpack Review

A pack for your next mission

The first thing you will notice about The Rhake is the price. With that price tag and a smaller capacity than any of the other bags mentioned in the comparison, The Rhake may seem like you're getting less for more from a numbers standpoint, but the comfort, function, and styling bring this Mission Workshop pack to the top of the rankings and here's why:

Like the Chrome Industries and SW-Motech bags, The Rhake is very comfortable. The vented back pad provided cushion while the slim width of the bag offered a great range of mobility for my arms while riding on a variety of bikes.

The Rhake is a comfortable and stylish, albeit expensive, backpack choice.Jeff Allen

The backpack is compact and lightweight but durable with two layers of weatherproof material. Optional Cobra buckles (standard on the Black Camo version) were supplied on the sample that I received and added a rugged accent. The excess lengths from most of the straps are easy to secure, similar to the SW-Motech, so the shoulder-strap tails weren't left to flap in the wind. Unfortunately, like the packs from Wandrd, Velomacchi, and Chrome Industries, The Rhake is not reflective.

The Cobra buckles are definitely a highlight, but you have to pay $60 for that upgrade.Jeff Allen

Releasing the Cobra buckles and opening the front zippers reveals an expandable pocket on the right and a goldmine of zippered pockets to house your valuables on the left. The key tether is appreciated, as well. My laptop fit in the back panel by means of a side zipper that keeps it stashed comfortably against your back (if you are like me and don’t like using the built-in trackpad, you can put your mouse in the zippered exterior pouch at the base of the bag; just be aware there isn’t any padding to protect it).

Sleek and stylish, The Rhake can compactly hold pretty much whatever you need. With all this in mind, you just have to ask yourself if it is worth the higher price.

A key tether, along with plenty of mesh pockets, give you plenty of places to keep small items organized.Jeff Allen


Price: $365
Capacity: 22 L.
Weight: 3 lb. 1 oz.


Style: 9/10
Function: 9/10
Comfort: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Total: 38/40