MC Tested: Tour Master Rincon Jacket

The Rincon jacket's biggest attraction is its resemblance to the waxed-cotton Belstaffs of 1950s and '60s England-the ones made famous by Steve McQueen in the 1964 ISDT. Just as motorcycles have advanced hugely since then, so has riding gear. While the Rincon looks classic and reserved, it's got all the modern amenities and features. Like a Rainguard waterproof layer, CE-approved armor and a zipper attachment for pants.

The Rincon holds a ton of stuff in its pockets, is warm when it's cold, dry when it's wet, and slips on like a broken-in favorite right from day one. The design is clearly meant to appeal to those who revere motorcycling's past, and as such it looks great on a classic or retro-classic machine.

The styling is understated enough, however, that the Rincon will fit in with almost any crowd, and look downright good in most. There are many thoughtful details, such as the microfiber-lined collar that doesn't chafe your Adam's apple. The armor is unobtrusive, unlike that in many other jackets, but presumably effective when needed. We particularly like the four main pockets that close positively with both Velcro and snaps, allowing you to choose haste over total security if you wish.

If you remember the days when any motorcycle ride was an adventure, but still expect a jacket to keep you comfortable, dry and protected, the Rincon will serve you well.

Tour Master Rincon Jacket
Price: $199.99

Contact: Tour Master

Verdict 4 stars out of 5
A retro-style jacket with all the amenities of the modern era.

Tour Master Rincon Jacket