M7RS GENESI Marchesini's "New Frontier" for Sport Motorcycles

Feb. 18, 2011 – M7RS GENESI is the name of the new aluminum wheel developed by Marchesini — unique in terms of lightness, reliability and performance and based on its magnesium twin-sister used in the 2010 MotoGP, Moto2 and SBK world championships. This is a product that makes no compromises, aiming quite simply to be the highest performance wheel ever fitted to a sport bike. A product that leaves the competition even further behind and is guaranteed to outperform any other in terms of shorter stopping distances, sharper acceleration, and faster, more precise cornering.

The M7RS – GENESI wheel was created using the very latest design, structural analysis and testing methods and is the result of continuous research and development aimed at improving production materials and technologies, as well as constant and thorough quality control at every step of the process. Everything is designed and implemented to obtain a material of the highest possible mechanical specifications by using an ultra-high-performance, plastically deformable aluminum alloy designed for aerospace applications, a precision multi-directional closed- die forging process, and the production of special dedicated dies optimized on the basis of the final wheel geometry.

Compared to standard wheels, the M7RS - GENESI achieves a reduction of over 40% in weight and over 35% in rolling inertia and represents the new benchmark for forged aluminum wheels. The number of spokes is designed to guarantee maximum stiffness of the connection between hub and rim, thereby ensuring that radial loads are distributed evenly around the rim and providing a general lightness of structure unequalled anywhere. The cross section and contours of the spokes are designed to optimize stiffness and thermo-fluid dynamic efficiency in operation. An innovative anti-slip paint finish applied to the wheel rim is instrumental in preventing relative movement of the tire and rim when accelerating and braking and, consequently, improving the feeling of the ride. The anodized aluminum tire valve is a 90° angled type that facilitates inflation and deflation of the tire, especially when the machine is equipped with large diameter brake discs. The rear wheel has a one-piece cush drive incorporated directly into the hub, combined with special damper elements featuring the same materials and geometry as those on MotoGP and WSBK machines.

The M7RS - GENESI is available for all the most popular sport bikes and is packaged as a kit complete with all accessories required for assembly.


Plastically deformable aluminum alloy
3-D closed die forging, heat treatment, machining of all surfaces on machine tools
8200 grams per set (weight of wheel when fitted, variable by ±200g depending on the specific application)
for road use – 7 spokes Front 3.50 x 17" Rear 5.50 – 6.00 x 17"
Glossy black – matt black – gold
Fully interchangeable with original wheels, except for the sprocket, which must be replaced with a model that meets Marchesini standard (available from catalogs of all major manufacturers).

The new Marchesini M7RS Genesi will be sold exclusively through Brembo's distributor TAW PERFORMANCE (www.tawperformance.com) toll free: 888-235-0910.

For more information visit us at www.brembo.com/US or contact Brembo North America.