Long-Term Triumph Street Twin: British Customs Performance Tips

A pair of slash cut performance tips to give that rat bike look, without the extra loud noise.

British Customs Slash Cut Performance Tips
The British Customs Slash Cut Performance Tips make the bike look more hooligan than it sounds.Photo: Julia LaPalme

I'll be honest, exhaust was not the first thing on my list of mods to do to this bike, in part because I love the look of the reverse megaphone cans that come stock from Triumph . And, frankly, Triumph did such an outstanding job tuning this bike to sound as growly and sweet as can be, I figured If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I love the look and sound of the stock exhaust.

But our friends at British Customs were eager to share a pair of their Brushed Slash Cut Performance Tips (british-customs.com, $349.95) to add more café racer style to this small Bonneville , so I obliged. The performance tips made very little difference in sound and performance, from what I can tell. This is in large part due to the sound and exhaust muffling being done far up pipe, as Triumph hides their catalytic converter discreetly under the bike.

British Customs Slash Cut Performance Tips
The British Customs Slash Cut Performance Tips are an easy bolt on that connect behind the pipe shroud.Photo: Julia LaPalme

I’ve had mixed reactions to the slash cut performance tips. Most people see them and say “Oh, man I bet that’s loud!” That’s before I fire up the bike and rev it a few times to show them how little the difference is between stock and aftermarket exhaust. As for the aesthetic, that’s had mixed reviews as well. Some people love that look; others, not so much. Personally I found it too minimal. Besides, British Customs has a pair of scrambler pipes listed on their site that I’ve been waiting for them to put into production, which are absolutely beautiful!

We haven’t dyno’d the bike to test the “performance” improvement, if any. If you like the minimalist cut pipe look, but want to remain on relatively friendly terms with your neighbors, these are a good way to go.

British Customs Slash Cut Performance Tips
From a distance it looks like the Street Twin has just a sawed off pipe, but that's the genius of Triumph's shrouding system that hides where the pipe heads into the catalytic converter before exhausting.Photo: Julia LaPalme