Legendary John Fogerty Joins Jeff Bridges at American Thunder Music Festival at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®

John Fogerty joins All-Star concert to promote The Bob Woodruff Foundation, in celebration of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

STURGIS, SD -- JULY 1, 2011 - Jeff Bridges is proud to host John Fogerty and his band at the American Thunder Music Festival to be held on Thursday August 11th, at the Legendary Buffalo Chip.

John Fogerty is an American Icon whose music has inspired generations. His songs and distinctive voice have become part of the very fabric of America. As an Army Veteran himself, he actively promotes veterans causes, along with issues that affect active duty men and women in uniform and their families.

"With so many service men and women returning from the battle field, it's critical that we honor their service by helping them return to their local communities," said Bob Woodruff, ABC News Anchor, and Co-Founder of the Bob Woodruff Foundation. "Because there are people like John Fogerty who lend their distinctive voice to this cause, I have no doubt our fellow Americans will help us say 'thank you' to those who serve."

"In the same way that Robert Capa's iconic pictures of the beach landing on D-Day symbolize the great struggle that was World War II, John Fogerty was able to capture the cultural mood and moment of the Viet Nam War through songs like "Fortunate Son" and "Suzie Q," said David Clark, American Thunder founder. "When you listen to these anthems - you get the feeling you're listening to the soundtrack of the War itself."

"We're honored to promote The Bob Woodruff Foundation, and are proud that John Fogerty will stand with us as we pay tribute to those who wear, and have worn the uniform of the United States - during our 24th year paying tribute to our Armed Forces" said Rod Woodruff, owner of the Legendary Buffalo Chip. "Stay tuned, as we'll have some more Special Guests of the American Thunder Music Festival at the Buffalo Chip to announce shortly."

Funds raised by American Thunder will be invested in programs that connect troops to the services they need, including physical rehabilitation and counseling, education, employment and financial assistance, as well as help with larger issues like homelessness and suicide.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation provides resources and support to service members, veterans and their families to successfully reintegrate into their communities so they may thrive physically, psychologically, socially and economically. Through a public education movement called ReMIND.org, the Bob Woodruff Foundation helps educate the public about the needs of service members returning from war - especially the 1 in 5 service members with hidden injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury and Combat Stress, including Post Traumatic Stress, Depression and Anxiety - and empowers communities nationwide to take action. To date, the Bob Woodruff Foundation has invested over $9 million, reaching more than 1,000,000 service members, support personnel, veterans and their families nationwide. For more information, visit: www.ReMIND.org

Led by CEO David Clark and Chairman Gerry Byrne, DCC is a company solely dedicated to creating cause initiatives in all forms of media. Since 1994, founder David Clark has been creating cause platforms that leverage the iconic stature and cultural currency of renowned organizations, brands and individuals around the world. Past initiatives include creating the Above & Beyond public service initiative for the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, the 46664 HIV/AIDS initiative for President Nelson Mandela, and the Anne Frank 75th Birthday Tribute with Anne Frank's family and Miep Gies, the remarkable woman who hid Anne and her family for over two years and later found Anne's Diary. For more information, visit: www.davidclarkcause.com

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