KTM at the 2011 Dakar Rally | By the Numbers

3 Number of times Marc Coma, this year’s winner, has won Dakar.
2 Number of KTM riders on this year’s podium. Defending champ Cyril Despres, also a three-time winner, finished second.
10 Number of consecutive Dakar motorcycle titles won by KTM.
450 Displacement, in cubic centimeters, of the KTM 450 Rally, in compliance with the new maximum displacement limit.
5 Stage wins for Coma. Despres was victorious in three stages.
5903 Distance, in miles, the Dakar route traveled across the countries of Argentina and Chile.
49,710 Total miles covered by KTM vehicles (racebikes, service trucks and support cars) during the 14-day rally.
15,869 Elevation, in feet, of the highest point on the race course, crossing the Andes Mountains.
155 Number of miles raced at more than 13,000 feet.
108 Hottest temperature recorded, in the Chilecito region.
36 Lowest temperature recorded, in the Calama region.
33,000 Pounds of spare parts transported by the three support trucks.
120 Number of spare wheels (60 front, 60 rear) carried by the team.
3090 Gallons of fuel used by the three service trucks and three support cars.
1003 Gallons of fuel used by the KTM racebikes.
317 Quarts of oil consumed by the entire KTM effort.
5.6 Maximum hours of sleep enjoyed each night by KTM staffers.
370 Gallons of drinking water consumed by the team and support staff.
15:04 Coma’s margin of victory over second place. His total time was 50:48:21.
80 Percentage of top-10 finishers riding KTM motorcycles.
2001 Year KTM first won Dakar, courtesy of Italian Fabrizio Meoni.
5 Number of different riders who have won Dakar aboard the Austrian maker’s machines: Coma, Despres and Meoni, plus Nani Roma and Richard Sainct.