Kawasaki KX80 Motorcycle | The Bike That Changed My Life

RIDER: James Stewart
THEN: On his way to winning a record 11 AMA amateur motocross titles
NOW: Six-time AMA Motocross and Supercross Champion

"The bike that changed my life? There have been so many! My 80 was pretty good. It was actually an 85cc Kawasaki. It was pretty special to me. That one was good because I rode it for a lot of years. I went from being a pretty good, decent rider to being a really excellent rider. I went one more year and then I went Pro-it was pretty close. I still have it. I have all of my bikes actually, in a big garage at my place in Florida.

"This year the new 2010 Yamaha YZ450F is completely different from any other bike I've ever ridden. Just turning is really unbelievable. It's definitely the best motorcycle I've ever had. I think once we get on a real supercross track [instead of the arenacross-sized U.S. Open track], we're gonna be good. I think Yamaha built the best machine ever!"

When James Stewart says he still has every one of his motorcycles, he means it. For proof, check out the episode of "MTV Cribs" featuring his 40-acre spread in Haines City, Florida. They're all there, hoisted up on pallet racks and lined up in neat rows in one of his four warehouse-sized garages-which also contain an impressive number of exotic cars, vintage muscle cars and motor homes. Though the video wasn't posted on the official MTV website at press time, it was up on YouTube, etc. Google it and you'll find it. And check out Stewart's own website: www.js7.com.