Icon 1000 Varial Collection Gear Review

The Icon 1000 Varial riding kit proves its worth through a range of temperatures in the Utah desert

We threw icon's Varial Collection at the Utah and Arizona deserts during our supercharged Kawasaki throwdown. With temperatures swinging from the mid-40s to the upper 80s, the kit had its work cut out for it.

Icon 1000 Truant 2 Boots

Icon 100 Truant 2 Boot
Our feet got a pair of Truant 2s, a sort of unclassifiable moto shoe.Jeff Allen

With a high-top upper and a moccasin lower, they don't fit into any easy category. They are comfortable, though, and offer a D3O ankle plate. We had our doubts about those laces, but the thick cordage stays tied even after a long day of riding. If there's a drawback, it's in the stiff upper, which can dig into your lower shin at a full tuck.

Icon 1000 Varial Pants

Icon 1000 Varial Pants
The Varial pants with their Cordura denim and stout leather knees wear well, though we wouldn’t mind a closer, more European cut.Jeff Allen

There's not a preponderance of ventilation or adjustment, but large pockets and a discreet design make the slacks a winner.

Icon 1000 Varial Jacket

Icon 1000 Varial Jacket
Likewise, the Varial jacket looks more like a casual bit of everyday wear than a piece of bike gear.Jeff Allen

Icon calls it a "modern jogger silhouette." That's nice when you're off the machine, but the design comes with some compromises. At a good clip, the hood flaps and whips around your neck. It's easily solved by tucking the thing in, but we'd prefer the hood to be removable altogether. It does look like a million bucks, and ventilates fairly well with chest intakes and a large back vent.

Icon 1000 Axys Gloves

Icon 1000 Axys Gloves
The stars of the class are the Axys gloves.Jeff Allen

The two-tone leather is gorgeous, with soft French cowskin outers and tough goatskin palms. D3O knuckle protectors help keep your bones in one piece, and the accordion panels allow for a snug fit that doesn't limit circulation.

Icon Airflite Helmet

Icon Airflite Helmet
The Airflite helmet with Fliteshield visor finishes off the collection.Jeff Allen

With a mirror finish, the thing can't help but make you look like a henchman sent from the future to suffer through traffic, but there's some logic to the design. It's surprisingly quiet, thanks in part to the fact that there's nowhere for air to get around the visor. A second, hidden dropshield does away with the need for sunglasses, and the Hydradry interior liner handled our sweaty scalp without turning into a swamp.


Gear Grade Summary Price
Helmet B The Airflite's wild face shield makes for a quiet ride but doesn't offer much ventilation. $250
Jacket C+ The Varial jacket looks sharp off the bike but comes with compromises. $295
Pants B+ The Varial pants were comfy, even over a 40-degree temperature swing. $175
Gloves A These Axys gloves look sharp, fit well, and offer solid protection. $85
Boots B Riding shoes that don't look like space boots are always a solid choice. $150