IOMTT Dunlop
Michael Dunlop’s Suzuki and Conor Cummins Honda await their riders on the grid for the start of the RST Superbike Race.Photo: Paul Phillips
IOMTT Dave Johnson
David Johnson on his Norton 1000 start the first race of the 2017 IOMTT.Photo: Paul Phillips

Ian Hutchinson took his 15th victory at the Isle of Man TT races fuelled by Monster Energy when he took a thrilling RST Superbike race on Sunday afternoon by five seconds from Peter Hickman, after Hickman had closed the gap down to 1.6s on the final lap.

IOMTT Hutchy
Winner Ian Hutchinson on his Tyco BMW power away from the start line.Photo: Paul Phillips

Hutchinson’s final run over the Mountain on the Tyco BMW saw him edge clear from Hickman’s Smiths Racing machine, who claimed his maiden TT podium, with early race leader Dean Harrison taking third.

After a day’s delay due to foul weather during practice week, the RST Superbike Race was off at 2:00 with David Johnson wearing no. 1, started the day, followed by Bruce Anstey, James Hillier and Ian Hutchinson. After a 20 second gap to due to John McGuiness’s absence, race favorite Michael Dunlop was off.

IOMTT Dunlop
Michael Dunlop on his Suzuki 1000 has a 131 mph opening lap.Photo: Paul Phillips

Dunlop’s first lap was over 131 mph from a standing start was a great start to his day, however he had to pull off on lap 2.

Early on the third lap, the leaderboard read Harrison, Hutchinson, Hickman and Hillier as Kneen dropped back to ninth and Cummins 17th and that meant David Johnson moved up to fifth on the Norton and Michael Rutter sixth.

IOMTT Shields
Derek Shield on his Suzuki burns away from the start.Photo: Paul Phillips
IOMTT Mathison
Daley Mathison on his BMW 1000.Photo: Paul Phillips
IOMTT Harrison
Dean Harrison (3rd) is pushed away from his 1st pit stop.Photo: Paul Phillips

By half race distance, Hutchinson led for the first time but only by 0.4s and only 10.5 seconds covered the top four with Hickman and Hillier holding station in third and fourth.

Going into the final lap, Hutchinson still led but the gap to Hickman was only 7.9s at Glen Helen and by Ballaugh it was only 2.5s. Harrison was now in third as Hillier experienced fuel problems and the thrilling race still saw just 9.5s split the top four.

Dan Kneen on his Penz13 BMW gets a new fuel, rear tire and clean visor in the pits.Photo: Paul Phillips
Dan Kneen on his Pen13 BMW is pushed out for lap 3.Photo: Paul Phillips
pitstop at IOMTT
While others are waiting to be released for their 3rd lap, other riders streak by.Photo: Paul Phillips
IOMTT Hickman
Peter Hickman on his Smith’s BMW Powers over a rise in the road.Photo: IOMTT
IOMTT Harrison
Dean Harrison on his Kawasaki lead for several laps of the RST Superbike race.Photo: IOMTT
Hutchinson IOMTT
Ian Hutchinson on his Tyco BMW.Photo: IOMTT
IOMTT pit row
Pit row filled with team workers, a rider streaking by at 167 mph and Douglas Cemetery in the background.Photo: Paul Phillips
Mathison IOMTT
Daley Mathison on lap 3 by the pits.Photo: Paul Phillips
IOMTT top 3
Top 3: Dean Harrison, Kawasaki (3rd), Ian Hutchinson, Tyco BMW (1st), and Peter Hickman Smith, BMW (2nd)Photo: Paul Phillips
Ian Hutchinson and the Tyco BMW.Photo: Paul Phillips