Hotbodies Racing, KR Tuned, New Bridgestone Racing Tires And More - Best Of Indy '07 - Gear

The Best New Products From The 2007 International Powersports Dealer Expo

Crystal Clear
Race-oriented Hotbodies pragmatically pitches its outrageous, see-through bodywork as a boon for budget-obsessed club racers: Apply your $5 Krylon paint job to the inside of the bodywork, the company says, and it will look for all the world like you have a big-bucks paint job under a mile of clearcoat-and be practically impossible to scratch, too. But we suspect the real market for these pieces (available in clear or smoke and made from the same high-impact acrylic as the company's windscreens) will be the Bike Night crowd, who will leave them unpainted to better show off their chrome oil filters and neon underlighting.

Royal Pipes
King Kenny Roberts-former rock-star Grand Prix world champion, current MotoGP team owner and all-time icy-coolest moto-personality ever-is now an aftermarket manufacturer, too. His own KR Tuned-brand of high-performance exhaust components was shown for the first time at this year's Indy trade show. Developed using the same technology and testing protocols as the MotoGP racebikes that bear his name, the KR Tuned exhaust canisters are also some of the best-looking we've laid eyes on, with unique shapes and high-end details like carbon-fiber end caps. Fitment and prices are forthcoming.

Fresh Meats
The new season brings loads of new tires, and Bridgestone has some especially noteworthy new offerings for '07. The rolling 'Stones really found their way in MotoGP racing in '06, scoring four victories, and heaps of GP-technology have been incorporated into the new Z-rated BT-002 Racing Street tires. These feature the company's Dual Tread Construction (DTC) with a medium center compound for improved wear and softer shoulders for optimum grip and cornering stability at lean. On the sport-touring side, we're similarly excited about the new BT-021 hybrid that claims to combine the benefits of a sport tire (including DTC technology and a layer of High-Tensile Super Penetrated Cord for improved shock absorption and stability) with the durability and comfort of a dedicated touring tire.

Anyone who has ever ridden westward at twilight has wished for something like these photochromatic faceshields by Wiki Designs. Relying on "exclusive, patented, high-performance integrated photochromatic technology," these shields actively respond to changing light conditions and self-adjust from crystal-clear to a semi-dark tint. No more carrying two shields that you have to stop and switch out, or suffering from too much sun before or too much tint after dark. The shields are treated with an extra-hard anti-scratch coating and offer permanent anti-fog properties as well. Wiki plans to make its photo- chromatic technology available via both its own house-brand helmets as well as on aftermarket faceshields intended to retrofit existing helmet brands.

Radar Love
Enough struggling with a detector intended for a car and fumbling with maladaptive mounts and tiny buttons that can't be felt through riding gloves. Adaptiv Technologies' new TPX radar and laser detection system was designed from the mount up specifically for use on streetbikes, with a large, angled LCD display that is easy to view in a riding position (and in direct sunlight) and oversized buttons that can be manipulated even with gloves on. The TPX System is packaged with either a wireless headset (compatible with both full- and open-face helmets) or a wireless visual alert to warn riders safely and effectively if a signal is detected. Various mounts are available to work with cruisers, sportbikes, standards and tourers.

Get Bent
This is one of those products that made us stop in our tracks and wonder, "Why didn't we think of that?" Fortunately, we motor-cyclists have the great minds at Motion Pro thinking for us, and one of the latest innovations they thunk up was the new Hex-Pro pivot-head wrench. Combining the convenience and ease of a ball-end hex key for getting at hard-to-reach fasteners with the solid fit and superior leverage of a traditional hex head, the pivot head allows you to easily work around obstructions and still apply maximum force. Made from heat-treated alloy tool steel, they're available in metric, SAE or Star-Pro configurations at prices ranging from $43.99-$49.99 per set.

Sublime Style
With most one-piece leather suits, your graphic choices are limited to different-colored strips and panels sewn together in simple (read: dull), vaguely geometric patterns. Not so with Teknic's top-of-the-line, $1499.99 Speedstar suit, which utilizes unique sublimated graphics that are injected directly into the 1.2-1.4mm-thick leather panels for an unmistakably modern and sophisticated look-also minimizing the number of seams, to make the suit even stronger. The outer surface is just the beginning of the innovation-the seat, chest and leg areas all feature Teknic's unique Safety Wrap seamless construction for optimum tear and abrasion resistance, and stretch Kevlar panels in the arms and legs ensure maximum mobility without sacrificing comfort.