These Are The Best Motorcycle Base Layers To Wear Under Your Jacket This Winter

Take the chill out of your ride with an awesome base layer.

Keeping your core warm is a vital part of riding a motorcycle in cold weather and base layers help accomplish this.
We pick the best base layers to keep you warm this winter.Animated GIF by Julia LaPalme

When winter rolls around, that comfy unlined jacket you've been wearing all summer suddenly seems a bit thin. You can add the bulky zip-in liner, but most riders prefer a snug-fitting base- or mid-layer shirt or jacket to help keep the cold and wind at bay. You could always add some killer heated gear if you are experiencing extreme cold, but these base layers should keep you warm through mild winter temperatures. Don't forget to keep your hands warm too!

Here are our picks for the best base layers that you can add to your motorcycle gear this winter.

Alpinestars Tech Thermal Jacket

The Alpinestars Tech Thermal jacket can fit under your uninsulated jacket and be worn off the bike.
Meant to go over layers, and under your jacket, the Alpinestars Tech Thermal jacket can keep you warm on or off the bike.Photo: Alpinestars

The Alpinestars Tech Thermal jacket has a unique blend of polyester fleece and Windstopper fabric to block wind and retain body heat. There are stretch panels for comfort, zippered pockets in the chest and bottom, and seamless Lycra cuffs with thumb loops. It's designed to be worn under uninsulated jackets or by itself while off the bike. Sizes range from S to 3XL and priced around $140.

Dainese D-Core No-Wind Thermo LS Shirt

Block out the wind when you’re riding on the cold with this motorcycle base layer from Dainese.
Dainese’s No-Wind membrane will block whatever wind manages to creep through your jacket’s air holes.Photo: Dainese

The Dainese D-Core base layer is made with an elasticated and breathable No-Wind membrane and features a seamless build for superior comfort. Armor Pad is included in contact areas, and there's also 3D frame armor for added thermal insulation. The material is tear-resistant, anti-pilling, bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic, and anti-odor. This base layer from Dainese runs in sizes between XS and XL, in two colors, and will set you back $150.

Forcefield Tornado Advance Shirt

A great base layer, the Tornado Advance Shirt from Forcefield is lightweight and comfortable.
Thermolite thermal insulation and flat seams mean a comfortable fitting base layer.Photo: Forcefield

The Tornado Advance is made of windproof Defender fabric with Thermolite thermal insulation. Flat-seam construction improves comfort. The material is antibacterial, lightweight, and fast-drying. Sizes range from XS to 2XL and cost $79.

Klim Yukon Pullover

New for this year, the Klim Yukon pullover has only gotten better, and warmer, than its predecessor.
Updated over the previous iteration, the Klim Yukon only gets better.Photo: Klim

The Klim Yukon Pullover has an all-new main body fabric that's more durable than previous Yukons. There's a convenient chest pocket with a low-profile flat-lock stitching accent. There are also overlays in abrasion zones for seamless integrating between layers. Sizes for the jacket range between S and 3XL, with three color options, and cost $130.

Klim Solstice Shirt

Made in a woman’s cut, the Solstice shirt is great for on and off the bike.
Made with women in mind, the Solstice shirt is perfect whether you’re on or off the bike.Photo: Motorcyclist

Women will appreciate the female cut of Klim's Solstice, incorporating a grid pattern in the fabric that's said to create air pockets against the skin, providing a great insulative layer. A collarbone zipper and contrasting stitching provide style, while thumbholes at the cuffs help trap in all the cozy warmth. Sizes run between XS and XL, comes in three colors, and is priced at a nice, round $50.

Sedici Close Thermic Base Layer

Windproof and water-resistant means that the Sedici Close Thermic base layer will protect you on your cold-weather rides.
100% windproof means your core temperature is not affected by the wind chill at speed.Photo: Sedici

The Sedici Close is 100 percent windproof to keep your core temperature up, and water-resistant to keep you dry. It has an antibacterial treatment to help neutralize odors, and moisture-wicking material to pull sweat away from your skin and maintain the right temperature. Microfiber collars, cuffs, and waist are included for added comfort. Sizes range from M to 2XL and are priced at $32.

Firstgear TGP Base Cold Top

The TGP Base Cold Top from Firstgear makes staying warm simple, and if you get too warm on your ride, you can open up the zippers.
The multilayered TGP Base from Firstgear helps keep your front dry and warm.Photo: Firstgear

The TPG Base Top's inner layer is made with 7 percent Spandex for a snug and comfortable fit. The outer nylon shell has a wind- and water-resistant front panel, a breathable middle membrane, and inside fleece lining. The front zippers on the neck and chest let you regulate body temperature. Sizing for the top layer runs between an S and 3XL with a price of $70.

AGV Sport Thermal Base Layer

The AGV Sport Thermal base layer will keep you warm and dry if paired with a jacket.
When wearing layers, it’s important to buy a base layer that will wick the sweat off of your skin, to help keep you warm.Photo: Rev'It

The AGV Sport Shirt is ergonomically designed for a good fit and has a partial front zipper for easy entry. The front of the shirt and the sleeves feature a warm and wind-resistant fabric, and the sides, back, and backs of the arms are made of a breathable moisture-wicking stretch fabric. Flat-seam construction eliminates chafing. They offer sizes between XS and XL and are priced at $79.

Rev'it Radiant Jacket

Keep the wind and water off of you with this thermal jacket from Rev’it.
Water-repellant, windproof, and highly breathable. A great combo.Rev’it

The Radiant has an outer shell made of Rev'it WindBarrier material that's water-repellant, windproof, and highly breathable. Laminated reflective material improves visibility, and the fit runs tight for the best insulation. A wind-catcher is used behind the front zipper, and there's a slit pocket in the chest. Sizes range between S and 3XL, with two color options, and are priced at $240.

Rukka Armaxis WS Softshell Jacket

Mid-layers are great over a solid base layer, and are not as snug.
Under the right jacket, this mid-layer from Rukka will keep you nice and toasty.Photo: Rukka

The Armaxis WS is a mid-layer addition to add to your winter outer layer. It can also be used as a standalone when off the bike. It's made of three-layer Gore Windstopper stretch fabric and includes four pockets. Sizes are European and come in 46 to a 62, with a price of $175.

Vanson Streamliner

The Vanson Streamliner is a great inner jacket, that is adjustable for multi-season riding.
Removable sleeves and underarm vents mean that you can adjust this inner jacket depending on the season and outside temperature.Photo: Julia LaPalme

The Streamliner has removable sleeves with underarm vents. It's reversible, with a highly visible day-glow green lining and a reflective strip circling the lower torso. Its insulation is 10 times warmer by weight than standard quilt lining and less bulky. A zipper at the bottom of the jacket gives access to a compartment to store the sleeves. Sizes run between a 32 to a 62 and the inner jacket is priced at $300.