Shoei Introduces RF-1200 Helmet

Here's the radically updated RF-1100 you've been waiting for.

Shoei has done more than thoroughly update its popular RF-1100 helmet. With the RF-1200, the company literally thrown out the mold to create an entirely new lid. Compared to the RF-1100, the new 1200 has a shallower chinpiece and is shorter front to back. It also features a more aerodynamically refined shell said to provide a reduction in wind noise.

An entirely new interior features integrated ventilation ducts fed by a trio of front vents and four exhaust vents as part of the integrated spoiler. A three-position lower intake below the faceshield is said to help reduce fogging. Shoei has given the helmet its “max-dry” removable interior, which can accommodate cheek pads of three different thicknesses for a custom fit.

Speaking of the shield, Shoe’s given the RF-1200 the CWR-1 faceshield. A quick-release design, the CWR-1 features standard Pinlock posts (and the helmet comes with one Pinlock insert in the box) and reinforcing ribs across the upper and lower edges. Shoei says these ribs lend stiffness to the shield, which keeps it from pulling away from the shell at high speed, in turn reducing wind noise and drafts. The CWR mounts on Shoei’s new quick-release backing plates, which feature a cam that draws the shield against the shell when closed. What’s more, the RF-1200 has new dual-lip “window beading” and dials on the base plates that help fine-tune the shield/shell fit to ensure a draft-free helmet.

Prices start at $485.99 for solid colors. Metallics are $498.99 and graphics are $589.99. There are 21 different color/graphics combinations. Sizes run from XS-XXL. For more information, visit Shoei's website.