Roadgear Coconut Socks | MC TESTED

Coconut isnt just a cute name for Roadgears riding socks, it's what they're made of. The Coconut socks are woven from Cocona, a yarn spun from coconut husks, a waste product of the food industry. Into this yarn is mixed activated charcoal, which complements the coconut yarns comfort and durability with improved moisture transfer and odor absorption. Or so says Roadgear.

Several staffers have been wearing Coconut socks for years—not uninterrupted, of course, but the socks’ odor resistance allows them to be worn continuously on multi-day trips without becoming excessively funky. The activated charcoal used in the Coconut socks is extremely porous and has significant surface area, enabling it to trap and transfer odors, moisture, and body heat. Washing the socks gets them clean, while drying them on high heat purges and reactivates the carbon. When you’re on the road, you can dry them using a hair dryer or by hanging them near the campfire.

The Coconut socks are every bit as comfortable as cotton, while offering better heat and moisture management when the temperature goes up. The fabric is fairly thick—thicker than conventional athletic socks—so they’re not ideal in truly hot weather. They will also make your boots fit a bit more snugly, so be aware.

Coconut socks are made in America and available in several styles, from no-show to knee length. We love them for their comfort and resistance to funkifying on long road trips, but the Coconut socks have also proven appropriate for off-road riding and hiking.

Roadgear Coconut Socks
PRICE: $12.95-$19.95 per pair
CONTACT: Roadgear
Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Who knew the cast-offs from your Piña Colada could keep your feet happy?