PLAS-TEC® Plastic Cleaner and Polish for Motorcycles

Are you cleaning your expensive plastics with harmful chemicals found under your sink? Step up to a level of performance and protection Motorcyclists demand!

We are proud to provide Plas-Tec® for all of your high-end plastic needs. This Made-in-the-USA Plastic Cleaner and Polish has been designed with the purpose of providing your expensive plastic products a longer life. Plas-Tec® provides your helmets, visors, shields, windscreens, goggles, glasses, camera lenses, motorcycle fairings, LCD screens, and other important plastics the treatment they need for years of use. Plas-Tec® cleans and protects, and also provides Anti-Static and Anti-Fog properties. We at Valor Distribution have used Plas-Tec® for many years and are proud to be able to provide it to you in a 1-oz travel-size bottle, as well as 4-oz, 16-oz, and 1-gallon bottles. Plas-Tec® has been approved for use by the plastic industry's leading manufacturers.

Manufacturers remarks on Plas-Tec®:
"We are happy to report that the Plas-Tec® plastic cleaner-polish passed the compatibility test at ambient temperature for all our sheet products: Plexiglas®, Plexiglas® Implex®, and Tuffax®. It will be on our approved product list."
AtoHaas North America Inc.
Plastics Technology Center

_"We have completed our standard compatibility tests on the plastic cleaner you sent to our laboratory and identified as Plas-Tec®. We are happy to report that this cleaner passed the compatibility test for all our sheet products with no evidence of material crazing or visual coating deterioration. This product satisfied this criteria." _
GE Plastics Technical Services
Manufacturer of Lexan® and MR5 Coated Lexan®

"We have tested your Plas-Tec® cleaner in our laboratory, and have enclosed the test results. At ambient conditions, Plas-Tec® cleaner is quite acceptable for use in cleaning Hyzod® Polycarbonate sheet."
Sheffield Plastics Inc.
Technical Services

Valor Distribution
Phoenix, Arizona
Plas-Tec® is a trademark of Mer-maid® Products, Inc

PLAS-TEC® Plastic Cleaner and Polish for Motorcycles