Piloti Moto 800 Riding Boot

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While Piloti has continually advanced automotive footwear and design, it has always done so with an eye on the history of motorsports. With a similar perspective, the company has pressed ahead and is proud to start the next chapter of the company's history by introducing the Moto 800 line of motorcycle riding boots. Named for the displacement in cc's of Moto GP motorcycles, the Moto 800 applies Piloti's line of thinking, technology, and style to motorcycles.

The Moto 800 was designed and developed as a direct result of customer requests at the Moto GP event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Customers wanted a riding boot that was strong enough for use while riding, but with the comfort and style to be worn all day. The Moto 800 is the first riding boot that can be used not only on the ride, but at the destination.

The Moto 800 features all-leather construction, with the demands and abuse of riding incorporated from the toe to the heel. Piloti utilizes Tec-Tuff leather in the toe, providing increased wear protection on each boot while maintaining flexibility. Next, Piloti incorporated a unique self adjusting mid-foot spat that covers the laces to prevent entanglement and keep the elements out. The Moto 800 also features a new bottom unit incorporating Piloti's patented dual-density Roll Control heel, which offers unparalleled support and cushioning with the addition of a sculpted arch area to fit the pegs of your motorcycle to allow ease of shifting and enhanced rider control.

In short, the Moto 800 is the most versatile riding boot ever created - able to be worn all day, on the bike, and into the office, home, or restaurant. The Moto 800 has already earned accolades, with an Editor's Choice Award for Innovation from Popular Mechanics at the 2008 SEMA Show. The Piloti Moto 800 is now available, in five colorways, ready to buy direct from www.piloti.com in the United States, from www.piloti-europe.com in Europe, and at select retailers around the world.

About Piloti
Piloti is the motorsports and car culture footwear, apparel and accessories company. Our lines of athletic footwear are designed for professional competition, street-wear and fashion. The Piloti brand is based on competition forged authenticity, biomechanical functionality, advanced design and quality. Piloti's mission is to design and develop exciting, innovative footwear to increase driver performance in motorsports. Our unique developments in construction, biomechanics, and style provide racers and enthusiasts alike with authentic footwear reflecting their passion for car culture and motorcycle culture.

To learn more about Piloti or to find a dealer near you visit www.piloti-europe.com, or call (805) 494-0756, ext. 106.

Piloti Moto 800 Riding Boot