Kriega R20 Pack | MC Tested

Not all backpacks are created equal. While most packs are designed for walking or hiking, Kriega backpacks are engineered for motorcyclists in the riding position. What makes the difference? It pretty much comes down to the harness and straps, which are curved to allow your arms full range of motion and prevent the straps from interfering with shoulder armor in jackets and suits.

Other handy features that make Kriega packs awesome are the numerous adjustment straps and unique chest buckle. Once you get the fit dialed-in it’s set for good, and getting the pack on and off is achieved with the simple push of a button that’s big enough to operate with gloves on.

The 20-liter R20 slots in toward the bottom of Kriega’s extensive lineup and is about the size of a typical student’s backpack. It has enough capacity to carry all the essentials for an overnight trip, but internal organization is limited to two zippered pockets. Oddly, the more you fill the pack, the better it feels. The R20 has a semi-rigid panel in the back that helps it rest flat on yours, and four cinch-straps compress the load and keep the contents secure and stable. Fully loaded, the pack hugs your torso like a baby lemur. It worked wonderfully for a variety of adventures, including aggressive trail riding where freedom of movement was crucial.

From the construction to the materials and features, the Kriega R20 is one of the best commuting and short-trip packs we’ve worn. It’s made for riders, and it shows in every facet of its design.

Kriega R20 Pack

Price: $119
Contact: Kriega
Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

If it just had a few more pockets, it would be perfect.