Frisco Mount Sporty and Dual Filler Narrow Alien Gas Tanks for the Home Bike Builder

Variations on Lowbrow's popular Sporty and Narrow Alien Tank are now available. The Sporty Frisco Mount gas tank will sit up higher on your backbone than a standard tank. These 2.5+ gallon gas tanks are top quality, nice thick steel with a center mount American style filler bung that accepts stock style screw in filler cap. The 2.1 gallon Narrow Alien Tank is also available in a dual filler style, with one functional and one dummy cam-style gas cap bungs. Dual 1/4" NPT petcock bungs at the rear. Mounting tabs front and rear are undrilled, drill for mounting on your custom chopper.

The Frisco Sporty and Dual Filler Narrow Alien Tank are available for only $129 each. For insightful how-to articles, top-shelf customer service, secure ordering and world-wide shipping, visit

Frisco Sporty Tank

Dual Narrow Alien Tank