Four-Time AMA Champion Eric Bostrom Heads 2017 Fastrack Racing University

Fastrack Riders Academy & Apex Club announces structure for advanced trackday program.

Eric Bostrom will tell you that Fastrack Racing University was born from a passion for motorcycling and a commonly shared vision of giving back to the trackday community. FRU's core objective, he says, is to eliminate attempts by riders to improve their lap times by blindly increasing speed, thereby reducing mistakes that could lead to potentially costly crashes.

Bostrom leads this new program along with fellow former Superbike racers Jake Zemke, Chris Ulrich, Jeremy Toye, and Chris Fillmore. The one-day curriculum is only offered to intermediate- and advanced-level riders and held during Fastrack weekends exclusively at the 2.36-mile, 21-turn Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

Rider coaches incorporate the same advanced technology used in the Fastrack Riders Academy. This includes video, in-helmet communication, and the PUSH SmartGauge that indicates acceleration, braking, corner speed, lean angle, racing lines, sector splits and overall lap times, as well as a drone view. Groups are limited to 16 students.

Fastrack Riders Academy
Established in 1989, the Fastrack Riders Academy & Apex Club is Auto Club Speedway’s exclusive motorcycle partner. This world-class superspeedway is located in Fontana, California, 30 miles east of Los Angeles. Sponsored by BMW and KTM, Fastrack is intended to unite riders of all skill levels in a club-like atmosphere.©Motorcyclist

By capitalizing on awareness, consistency, feedback, and handling optimization, riders will be on the fast track toward reaching their goals, Bostrom says. “Whether that goal is to win races, advance to another level, or simply ride with a wider margin for error, FRU is the optimum ticket to high-performance sportbike riding.”

At the end of the course, riders will receive an assessment. There are four levels of certifications: Amateur, Probationary Expert, Expert, and Semi-Pro. Riders who submit to further testing may receive a Racer certification, which is accredited by race organizations, allowing riders to compete in FRU-certified-equivalent classes. Pricing for the Fastrack Racing University is $795 if you supply your own motorcycle or $1,295 if you decide instead to use one of its 2016 BMW S1000RRs.

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