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Motocross boots live unenviable lives. Dragged through mud and sand, pelted with dirt clods and rocks—it’s a wonder they last as long as they do. And then, sometimes they don’t…

Fly Racing sent me a pair of Kinetic MX boots to wear at the 2012 Kawasaki KX450F press intro. Looking the business in black (they’re also available in white), these seemed plenty stout, with padding the length of the shins, heat-resistant leather panels on the inner calves and molded, dual-compound rubber soles.

Like other MX boots at this price point, the Kinetics make do with plastic (as opposed to metal) buckles, and don't have internal booties; all the protection is in the boots themselves.

I wore the Kinetics for two days’ testing, and found them to be lightweight, comfortable and, aside from some flexiness in the ankles, fairly supportive. They also weren’t unduly hot in the triple-digit temperatures.

Unfortunately, pulling off the boots I discovered that the KX’s sharp, metal footpegs had gouged holes deep in the soles. Granted, at 200-plus lbs., I’m heavier than the average motocrosser. And Red Bud Track and Trail _does _have some huge jumps—but I wasn’t even doing LaRocco’s Leap!

Retailing for $149.95, the Kinetic boots are inexpensive, costing one-third as much as a pair of top-shelf Alpinestars or Sidis. One could argue that makes them a good value. But considering how quickly mine wore out, I’d disagree.

If their soles lasted longer, the Kinetic boots would be acceptable for motocross. But as it stands, they’re better suited to casual trail riding.

Fly Racing Kinetic MX Boots
Price :$149.95
Contact : Fly Racing
Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars.

One minor change and these would be a smokin' deal.