Feuling's W3 Engine, Padgett's Racing And More - ETC.

A Short List Of Other Big Things For Those Who Still Have Money Left To Burn

Triple Threat
And then there's Jim Feuling's wretchedly excessive W-3, a 2325cc (141-cubic-inch) monster that's exactly what it looks like: a 45-degree V-twin with a third cylinder grafted on the front (also at 45 degrees). Feuling R&D; (805/650-2598; www.feuling.com) was originally hired by the boys at Harley-Davidson to explore this particular engine configuration, but when H-D balked, Feuling went ahead and finished the job. The W-3 claims an arm-wrenching 176 foot-pounds of torque, and will make its "official" debut at this year's Sturgis rally. The bike you see here is actually a rolling prototype; Feuling plans to sell the W-3 in kit form (chassis, swingarm, engine assembly, transmission, exhaust system, etc.) for approximately $20,000. -Greg McQuide

Your $60,000 Sportster, Sir...
...Which is another way of saying that if you've got the cash, there'll always be someone to help you spend it. Take Air Tech's (760/598-3366; www.airtech-streamlining.com) 100-cubic-inch "Alien Twin," for example. Did we say $60,000? That's a lot of S&S; engine work, my friend, to the tune of 118 hp. Don't forget to add in the trick Spondon frame, or the parallel-mounted f-hlins rear shock, or the PM wheels, KYB inverted fork, carbon-fiber gas tank and Air Tech's own custom bodywork. Air Tech owner Kent Riches says he'd be happy to build you one, should you decide to forego paying for two years of your child's college education. Hey, that's what basketball scholarships are for.

Race The Isle Of Man
What the alpha males do when club racing has lost its charm. Easier than you think (the prep work, that is): Ringing up Padgett's Racing (011-44-1924-478-491 or www.padgetts.co.uk) and talking nicely will get you a Yamaha TZ250 racebike to rent for around $3000. (You'll need an expert-level roadracing license.) This does not, of course, include pesky little items such as a mechanic, garage, tires, gas, race fees, accommodations, food, airfare or reimbursement for the ambulance when you bang yourself silly on one of those stone walls. We're talking maybe 10 grand, minimum. Padgett's can also put you on a gen-yoo-ine Yamaha 500 GP bike for a day-or, at least, three 15-minute track sessions-for about $1500. A steal.

The Royal Treatment
Y'know, those week-long motorcycle trips in the Swiss Alps are just so typical. Only five days of riding? How maddeningly bourgeois. Thank God for Edelweiss' Royal Alpine Vacation, a 13-day journey through the peaks of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. Created "to serve those who prefer small and exclusive groups," on this tour you'll enjoy luxury accommodations and dining without having to feign interest in Hank and Jojo McHenry's tales of midwestern Americana. $7185 gets you a single room and a BMW K1200LT; $11,545 means the wife can come, too-riding her own BMW R850R. Airfare not included. Have your people book it all through www.edelweissbiketravel.com or (800) 582-2263.