Feuling W-3 Prototype Harley-Davidson Dyna

Triple Threat: Feuling R&D's 2320cc W-3 Is The Real Deal-And It's Yours For Only $20,000

Feuling W-3 Prototype Harley-Davidson Dyna
Feuling W-3 PrototypeMotorcyclist

Anyone know a better way to define "wretched excess" than with a 142-cubic-inch, three-cylindered behemoth? Jim Feuling (builder of the record-setting, 330-plus-mph Feuling streamliner motorcycle in 1997) calls this beast the W-3, and it's exactly what it seems: a 45-degree V-twin with a third cylinder grafted on the front, also at 45 degrees. Feuling R&D; was originally hired by Harley-Davidson to explore the concept, but when H-D balked at the outcome, Feuling went ahead and finished a running prototype for himself. The result? A bike that-because it's clothed in basic H-D type hardware and architecture-looks both familiar and realistic, yet completely unexpected.

Boasting 176 foot-pounds of torque, the W-3 uses a patented connecting rod/crankshaft design that fires the rear cylinder first, followed by the front and middle cylinders, respectively. "Sounds like two Harleys riding next to each other," commented an observer during our visit to Feuling's headquarters in Ventura, California.

During our 50-mile test ride, the W-3 performed without a hitch, running surprisingly smoothly and with as much arm-yanking torque as you'd expect from a big V-twin with 50 percent more engine. 100 mph? The W-3 was barely clearing its throat.

Look for the W-3's debut at this year's Sturgis rally (and for a full report in an upcoming issue of sister pub Motorcycle Cruiser), after which Feuling plans to sell the W-3 in kit form (i.e. swingarm, frame, engine, primary drive, transmission, starter and exhaust) for $19,750.

Feuling R&D;
W-3 Prototype

Price (in kit form): $19,750
Engine: Air-cooled, three-cylinder W-3
Weight: 635 lb. (claimed)
Displacement: 2320cc
(142 cubic inches)
Bore x stroke: 3.875 in. x 4.0 in.
Horsepower: 150 bhp @ 5000 rpm
Torque: 176 ft-lb @ 3000 rpm

Feuling R&D;, Inc.
2521 Palma Drive
Ventura, CA 93003
Phone (805) 650-2598
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