Ducati Uncovers 1299 Panigale S Anniversario

Ducati celebrates its 90th anniversary with 500 limited-edition superbikes.

It’s crazy to think that 90 years ago Antonio Cavalieri Ducati was making vacuum tubes for radios. Today, Ducati is one of the most recognized names in motorcycling, and regularly manufacturers breathtaking bikes that every squid with more money than sense wants to own. That’s actually just a side effect of Ducati’s reputation for building cool motorcycles.

Anniversario edition Panigale
If it’s one thing Ducati has done (other than build championship-winning bikes) perhaps better than any other brand, is create exclusive models. This Anniversario edition Panigale will have a total production run of just 500.©Motorcyclist

Ducati does have a long history of creating genuinely exquisite machines, and for the company’s 90th anniversary it has unveiled a limited-edition 1299 Panigale S. This exclusive bike—limited to a production run of just 500 units—is essentially a spiced-up S-model with MotoGP-inspired paint and sprinkled with carbon-fiber and titanium pieces from the Ducati accessories catalog plus a few choice parts from the up-spec Panigale R. It’s got gold wheels, too.

1299 Panigale S
The Anniversario shares most things with standard and R-model Panigales, including that smooth, sleek profile and single-sided swingarm.©Motorcyclist

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but given the exclusivity of this bike and the fact that the S model goes for $25,000, the Anniversario will surely ring in well north of $30k. If you’re loaded enough to consider adding one to your collection, visit www.ducatiusa.com or visit your dealer to get more information.

1299 Panigale S Akrapovic
Sprinkled in from the accessory catalog is this Akrapovic exhaust, for a little more bark and some extra exclusivity thrown into the Anniversario package.©Motorcyclist