Ducati Teams with Xerox on New Global Ad Campaign

Xerox highlights its relationship with Ducati in an entertaining new campaign

Bologna, Italy (20 September 2010) - Ducati Motor Holding is excited to announce its participation inXerox's most ambitious ad campaign ever.

The new campaign takes brand characters out of their expected roles and shows them doing business processes such as invoicing or digitizing documents. The results are exaggerated and demonstrate there are better ways for companies to handle back office work - by partnering with Xerox. Ducati's role in the campaign is a direct reflection of the company and its relationship with Xerox: that of an innovative, performance-obsessed motorcycle company which places its trust in Xerox for back office processes so it can focus on building the world's fastest motorcycles.

The light hearted campaign- which kicked off in the US on September 7th - portrays such entertaining scenarios as a Ducati wind tunnel session interrupted by an office worker looking to have documents translated overnight; and visit to Ducati's headquarters where everything is done at high speed.

"This campaign proves once more the effectiveness of the long term business cooperation between Ducati and Xerox," commented Ducati's Director of Marketing, Diego Sgorbati. "We are really honored to display our products and demonstrate our commitment to high level customer services by applying the process of the industry's global leader, Xerox. The campaign captures our brand core values of 'Authentic Italian Performance' and it's clear that Xerox has a true understanding of Ducati's corporate commitment to excellence. We are delighted with the potential vast exposure of the campaign outside of the traditional motoring environment and the increased visibility both for the Ducati brand and motorcycling in general."

The campaign can be found online at - casestudy, and highlights examples of Xerox helping clients get back to real business while Xerox handles business processes.

For more information about Ducati, and its line of performance motorcycles; please visit www.ducati.com

Ducati Teams with Xerox on New Global Ad Campaign