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Protective Footwear You'll Want To Be In When The Other Shoe Drops

Ducati Puma 1000
Resembling the bindings on Shawn White's snowboard, these race-ready boots boast something Puma calls the Ghost Doctor-a system of hinges and stops that help keep ankle movement from reaching the medically defined "angles of no return." The vibrant red color matches any year Ducati and is guaranteed to anger the 'Busa bulls as you flash past your local sportbike watering hole. The $410 boots are also available in black or silver.

Alpinestars Supertech R
Valencia, Jerez, Laguna Seca...they're all there if you look close. Alpinestars has stepped up the urban-camo theme on its new Supertech R GP track boots. Printed on the aerodynamically efficient and streamlined exterior are outlines of each of the MotoGP circuits. A-stars' latest roadrace boots are aimed at true track junkies and offer superb protection in your choice of vented or not. Priced at $400, the GP track version comes in white/black only, while the regular Supertech Rs come in several color combinations.

Teknic Chicane
Teknic's latest racing/sport-riding boots pack a raft of features into a package that won't drain your bank account. The Chicanes feature a 15-degree forward slant for on-bike comfort and a rear-entry zipper system. Uppers are genuine cowhide, while an Airmesh lining helps keep things fresh inside. Safety features include removable aluminum toe sliders and nylon calf sliders; anti-torsion, anti-crush steel shanks; gel inserts at the heel; and molded shin and heel protectors. There are also perforated panels for breathability. Priced at a very affordable $150, they come in black, blue or red.

TCX Competizione RS BaylissHot-looking roadrace boots are cool. Boots that are literally hot are not. Last issue we told you about TCX's hot new Competizione RS boots with their innovative ventilated soles and Torsion Control System that prevents twisting injuries. And now there's the even hotter Troy Bayliss signature edition, with all that plus a chrome finish and the two-time World Superbike champion's number 21 on the side. The $470 kicks are available by special order only, or if you can't wait opt for the $400 standard-issue Competizione RSs in black or white.

Dainese Torque
Torque boots are the third generation of Dainese's Axial Project, which began in the year 2000. This latest iteration features a new Lorica bellows and thermoplastic external structure to improve ergonomic efficiency, increase comfort and promote greater freedom of movement. Stainless-steel sliders in the rear bonded to thermoplastic supports increase both the boot's anti-grip properties and abrasion resistance. They're available in two styles: the $279 Torque Out shown here, designed to be worn over your pant legs; and the $249 Torque-In, designed to be worn underneath. Both come in several colors.

Sidi Vertigo Corsa
Take an astronaut's boots and blast them with pieces from your kid's Lego set and you'd have something resembling the new Vertigo Corsa. Sidi's latest roadrace boots feature some of the most complex styling to date, composed of an absurd number of molded polyurethane pieces. Thankfully, all those plates, braces, sliders and fasteners serve a purpose, adding up to top-notch protection that earned the boots Motorcyclist magazine's coveted Product of the Year award in 2005. Priced at $425, they come in black, blue, red or white.

Axo Primato
Make sure all the riders behind you know you did indeed just drag toe around that last bend. Axo's bargain-priced Primato boots can be equipped with optional titanium toe sliders to liven up your canyon-carving experience. Molded polyurethane protective plates in all the right places shield your hooves from impact should your showboating go awry. Warning: Group-ride sweeper should carry a fire extinguisher to put out any roadside fires you may start. They retail for $150 in any color you want as long as it's black.