Dainese Dyno Riding Shoes | MC Tested

Riding shoes don’t provide as much coverage as riding boots, so they can’t offer as much protection. But what the Dainese Dyno shoes do cover, they protect just as well as a roadrace boot.

That’s because the Dynos are essentially Dainese’s TRQ Out race boots with the upper half removed. They’re made using a high-denier textile chassis with hard-plastic panels that extend rearward from the arch, fully encasing the heel and shielding the ankle. The soles are made from a grippy textured rubber, and still have plenty of life after a year's use.

Elasticized tongues and a covered speed-lace system make the shoes easy to get on and keep the laces secure. You can slip them on as quickly and easily as a pair of basketball shoes, which makes them preferable to full boots for short trips or the daily commute. The Dynos came with replaceable toe-sliders, but I removed them for a cruiser ride to Sturgis and never missed them.

These extremely rigid shoes feel very safe, while flexing along the top of the countered toe box to allow uninhibited walking. I wore them on a three-day trip that involved numerous short hikes and they worked wonderfully. If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable, durable and highly protective riding shoes, the Dynos deserve consideration. MC

Dainese Dyno Riding Shoes PRICE: $220
CONTACT: Dainese
VERDICT 4.5 out of 5 stars
Nearly as safe as proper riding boots, and much more comfortable.