MC Tested: Dainese Anfibio Café Motorcycle Boots Review

Hipster moto kicks that offer proper riding protection.

Dainese hipster riding boots
Hey hipster, your Chuck Taylors aren’t going to cut it in a crash! The Anfibio’s match classic style with modern features, so you can look legit and keep your feet intact if you bin it.©Motorcyclist

While you're enthralled with your brand new (to you) 1977 CB400F, it may become apparent that your chosen footwear of equal vintage does not possess the level of safety you want. This is part of a dilemma that haunts the modern-retro buff, and more often than not the choice to complete the classic look comes at the expense of proper protection.

Thankfully, with Dainese's Anfabio Café boots, you don't have to compromise. While the Anfibio Café boots appear to be just another set of dusty old antiques, there really is more at work upon closer inspection. Yep, they're made of good old cowhide with laces and big-lug soles, but the Anfibios also have a double-jersey liner that allows your feet to breath and stay relatively cool plus internal nylon ankle, heel, and toe armor for added impact protection. And like most motorcycle-specific boots, there are double-thick shifter pads on both feet, ensuring that those riding right-side shift bikes are not left with sorry holes in the tops of their boots after coaxing their transmissions through a mostly consistent pattern time and time again.

I did notice that these boots fit narrower than comparable American-style offerings, which for me was a welcomed variation. The fit is consistent with a U.S. size C width, which is slightly slimmer than average. After a full day of walking and prolonged standing, I found these boots to be as comfortable if not more so than normal work boots. The included foot-bed inserts are paper thin but easily removable should you choose to fit something thicker and more supportive.

All in all, safety should be paramount when it comes to choosing riding gear, and offerings such as the Anfibio Café boots provide the appropriate retro style without sacrificing protection and quality.

Dainese Anfibio Café Boots
PRICE: $259.95

VERDICT: Right at home resting on the pegs of your modern throwback (or vintage) bike with specialized protection and brand-name recognition sealing the deal.