Cycleworks ExactFit Brand Timing Belts

Does Your Rubber Fit?

San Diego, CA (April 28th, 2010)- What do we mean by EXACTFIT? Our belts are constructed the same way as the OE belt in every way utilizing the same core materials, the same rubber exterior, the same inner facingweave and exactly the same tooth profile. Our manufacturer is a global supplier of a wide variety of belts fortransportation OE applications and has extensive experience making automotive timing belts for many major manufacturers. The EXACTFIT line of belts range in price from similar to the OE pricing to as much as 60% lessthan OE parts. We will showcase our belts at our booth during the 2010 USGP at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway.

The eight EXACTFIT belts cover the full range of modern belt-drive Ducatis (from 1991 and newer).
TB1198: Streetfighter; Multistrada 1200; Superbike 1198, 1098, 848. MSRP: $49.85
TB1100: Hypermotard 1100; Sport Classic (all); Monster S2R1000; Multistrada 1000 & 1100; ST3. MSRP: $42.78
TB999: Monster S4Rs; Superbike 999, 749, 996R. MSRP: $49.85
TBST4: Monster S4 & S4R; ST4; ST4s; 748 (2002+). MSRP: $46.92
TB996: Superbike 996, 916, 888, 851, 748 (up to 2001). MSRP: $46.93
TB900: Monster and Supersport 900; ST2. MSRP: $39.99
TB800: Monster S2R800, 750, 620, 600; Supersport 800, 750, 620; Multistrada 620. MSRP: $39.15
TB696: Hypermotard 796; Monster 696. MSRP: $39.15

Located in San Diego, California Cycleworks has been selling high performance after-market parts for Ducati Motorcycles for over 12 years.

California Cycleworks, Inc. 663 33rd Street Suite D, San Diego, CA 92102; (619) 501-2466
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About California Cycleworks, Inc
California Cycleworks is known by Ducati owners around the world to provide innovative and common sense after-market solutions for belt driven Ducatis 1991 and newer. In business for over twelve years, California Cycleworks is praised for fast service, knowledgeable staff, and great pricing on the parts motorcycle owners need to keep their bikes running: belts, fuel tanks, chains, sprockets, brakes, tools, and exhaust systems.

Cycleworks ExactFit Brand Timing Belts