Cycle Shelter Bike Cover - MC Tested


The Cycle Shelter is a tent-like arrangement of washable, vented, heavyweight polyurethane-coated rip-stop polyester fabric stretched over galvanized steel tubes and shock-corded fiberglass poles. You enter by lifting the lightweight body up and over to collapse on the other end of its integral base. It's a clever design: U-shaped poles fan out to support the fabric roof.

The 10 x 4.5 x 5.7-foot 'Shelter can accommodate any production motorcycle. It comes in a shoulder bag, within which dwell 30 pounds of rolled-up enclosure plus poles, tent stakes and cords. An optional lock is available.

Instructions are straightforward and no tools are required. All but the genuinely dim can erect the 'Shelter in less than two hours. My Kawasaki ZX-11 seems thrilled with the arrangement: no more condensation, snow, rain, leaves, mildew, UV-rays, waterspots or bird poop. Not to mention pollen and other windborne particulates that like to come live in its nooks and crannies.

The campfire set will secure it with stakes, but my 'Shelter sits on a paved driveway, braced against a picket fence. Though integral bungee loops might prove helpful in the next heavy blow, real stability comes from the weight of the bike inside.

The package isn't exactly light. But it is portable and straps to the back of a bike. It costs more than any standard bike cover, but a lot less than most sheds-and any garage. Setup and breakdown take seconds. Plus it's compact, and the muted-aluminum hue is easy on the eye. So? For the shedless folk in dubious 'hoods or well-heeled rally types, this portable environment is pure deliverance.

Cycle Shelter
Price: $299
Contact: CycleShelter

Quality piece, nicely made, looks rugged-may even prove expedition-worthy if kept with its stuff sack. Should inspire confidence in snarky your backyard.