Corbin Dual Saddle Seat for the Honda Grom

Improved comfort and a more balanced riding position for Big Red’s mini.

2017 Honda Grom with Corbin seat in red
2017 Honda Grom sporting Corbin's new replacement seat in red and black.Photo: Corbin

Corbin Seats has recently announced the Dual Saddle for the 2017 Honda Grom. Like all of Corbin's replacement seats, the new Grom Dual Saddle offers riders improved support that will allow you to ride with more control as well as comfort.

The new Grom seat is crafted with Corbin’s high-density Comfort Cell foam that retains resiliency and doesn't crush down like the stock foam. This allows the seat to be designed with a lower seating platform which is helpful for riders looking for a more balanced riding position or better reach. The Corbin Saddle also helps to keep the rider from sliding forward with a more neutral position on the bike.

2017 Grom seat replacement
The Grom replacement seat is also available in Black Natural Leather with Asphalt sides, Red stitching and Ghost Grey welt.Photo: Corbin

The Corbin saddle provides more square inches of body contact along with firm support that is sculpted to fit the shape of the human body. The seat contour eliminates centralized pressure on the tailbone with material built up on a rigid Fibertech pan designed to support the shape of the foam padding. The seat pan rides on rubber bumpers to avoid scratching the bike.

Installation is simple with a tongue that inserts in the front and a latch bracket in the rear that integrates with the factory key lock. MSRP for the Grom seat is $363. Visit for a replacement saddle for earlier 2014-2016 Groms or for info on other models.