Cooling Vests for Hot Weather Riding

MC Picks six vests that will help keep you cool this summer.

motorcycle cooling vests
Six cooling vests for hot weather riding.@Motorcyclist

One of the best ways to beat the heat on a motorcycle is to wear a jacket with effective vents. But in higher temperatures, airflow alone doesn’t do the job. Evaporative cooling vests soak up water and then release it over time to help carry away excess body heat. Here are four cooling vests to keep you comfortable when the heat is on.

Motorcycle cooling vest
Alpinestars MX Cooling Vest Buy It NowPhoto: Alpinestars

Alpinestars MX Cooling Vest
The MX cooling vest from Alpinestars is made of a lightweight polyester fabric for optimum cooling, and a polymer-embedded material that absorbs water and releases it over time. The mesh construction on the chest and back provides breathability, and ergonomically designed arm holes keep the vest snug while riding. The long lower hem is designed to fit inside pants. (S-3XL, $59.95,

Cycle Gear cooling vest
Bilt Cooling Waterproof Vest From Cycle Gear Buy It NowPhoto: Cycle Gear

Bilt Cooling Waterproof Vest
The Bilt Cooling Waterproof Vest from Cycle Gear has a polymer-imbued fabric that uniformly distributes water for balanced and even cooling. It absorbs water in 1 to 3 minutes, and has a moisture-resistant inner layer to keep your clothes dry. The low-profile styling fits well under protective clothing, and the differential cut with a higher waist and longer back suits the typical riding position. (S-3XL, $34.99,

Cooling vest from Fly Racing
Fly Racing Cooling VestPhoto: Fly Racing

Fly Racing's cooling vest requires only two minutes of soaking in water to activate. It polymer-embedded fabric holds the water and keeps you cool as it evaporates over several hours. The increased evaporative surface compared to other cooling vest keeps you cooler, longer. (SM-3XL, $39.95,

H-D cooling vest
Harley-Davidson Hydration VestPhoto: Harley-Davidson

H-D's Hydration Vest is made of 100 percent nylon lined with polyacrylite crystals that absorb and hold water. The vest is fully hydrated after only 10 minutes of soaking. Mesh panels on the shoulders and chest provide extra cooling, and stretch side panels enhance the fit. (S-4XL, $55.00,

Coolit cooling vest
Leatt Coolit Vest Buy It NowPhoto: Leatt

The Leatt Coolit vest keeps you feeling 15-20 degrees cooler for up to six hours after a two-minute soak in water. The zip-up design makes it easy to wear next to your skin for best results. It uses up to three times more evaporative cooling fabric than some other vests and uses a polymer-embedded multifiber fabric. (XXS-4XL, $75.00,

Rev'It cooling vest
Rev'It Liquid Cooling VestPhoto: Rev'It

Designed to work with a ventilated or mesh jacket, the Liquid Cooling Vest from Rev'it has an easy-entrance zipper at the sides of the torso, and an outer shell made of stretch mesh for a close fit that's not too tight. It's insulated with HyperKewl polymer-embedded super-absorption cooling fabric and will stay active for about six hours. (SM-3XL, $139.95,