Chrome Industries Moto Barrage Roll-Top Backpack Review

A pack for the stylish prepper

What stood out most on the Moto Barrage from Chrome Industries? The quality of materials, that's what. The strong buckle securing the roll-top and the thick waterproof interior tarpaulin liner and nylon exterior go the extra mile in terms of durability and function, even if this is the heaviest pack I tested. That weight, however, is distributed nicely across comfortable straps, so much so that I actually forgot I was the pack mule.

Durability meets rugged good looks in the Chrome Industries Moto Barrage.Jeff Allen

This backpack also proved its moto-centric design with a zippered exterior tool pocket, but lost a point due to its lack of reflective materials. When I stopped to fuel up, I removed the Moto Barrage to get my wallet. I set the pack on the ground and it remained upright on its own—nice. A snug place to hold my laptop was another plus, as were the zippered pockets on the outside of the roll-top that I used to store smaller items.

You don’t have any excuse for being unprepared for a roadside repair.Jeff Allen

The chest strap buckle carrying the red Chrome Industries logo is reminiscent of seat belts once used by auto manufacturers—another nice touch that isn't too flashy.

Fasten your seat belts everyone.Jeff Allen


Price: $240
Capacity: 34L
Weight: 3 lb. 15 oz.


Style: 9/10
Function: 8/10
Comfort: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Total: 37/40