CHiPs Movie Trailer Shows First Glimpse of Motorcycle Awesomeness

Is this finally a Hollywood movie that won’t make motorcyclists cringe?

New CHiPs movie remake of TV show
BMW R1200 RT patrol bikes have never looked so exciting!©Warner Brothers

With very few exceptions, motorcycles in movies suck. They don't sound right, the don't look right, and usually the scenes are so laughably unrealistic that anyone who's even looked at a motorcycle before knows that it's all fake. But, after watching the first trailer for CHiPs, an action-comedy about the California Highway Patrol, consider us very, very, very cautiously optimistic that this could be the one to get it right. Take a look for yourself:

Ok, we'll admit that seeing a "Ducati Hypermotard" boost some massive double is not exactly breaking new ground for motorcycle realism. In fact, if that actually was a real Hypermotard then we're fairly confident it's now somewhere in the greater LA area snapped in half. But, real Ducati or not, the whole movie looks bonkers in the best possible way. We're guessing credit there goes to writer/director/star Dax Shepard who is a genuine motorcycle and car enthusiast. His debut movie Hit and Run is totally worth a watch and demonstrated just how dedicated he is to old-school action where the stunts are real and the stakes are high. If we're in luck he's been watching all the same terrible motorcycle scenes over the years and felt like it he could actually do our industry justice. When the CHiPs movie comes out in theaters on March 24th we'll know for sure if he pulled it off.

Below is a behind-the-scenes shot from Dax Shepard's Instagram page on the CHiPs movie set with Dax getting ready to ride a Ducati rigged with camera gear.

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Just a slight visual obstruction.

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