Chicken Hawk Pole Position Tire Warmers

Tire warmers are great. You can ride pre-warmed tires hard right away; that’s good for you. And warmers are good for tires: They don’t cold tear, and because they go through fewer heat cycles the rubber stays fresh longer. We recently received a pair of Chicken Hawk Racing’s Pole Position warmers, and used them during a two-day testing session at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

CHR offers three models of warmers, with the Pole Positions residing in the middle. They’re made in America with Cordura carcasses and full-coverage heating elements. The Pole Positions offer low, medium and high heat settings and they have neoprene side skirts that reduce heat loss in windy weather. Both warmers fit into the included storage briefcase, which serves to keep your investment organized and protected.

CHR has been making warmers for decades, and that experience shows. The warmers even include quick-disconnect power cords so the wiring doesn’t snap if you accidentally put your bike in gear with the warmers on (don’t laugh, it happens!). The Pole Positions work wonderfully and are well designed, but we still have some complaints. First, the LEDs that convey the warmers’ status are too dim to see in direct sunlight. Second, we’d like to see an automatic shutoff that powers down the warmers if you inadvertently leave them on the ground, still plugged in. After all, we’re only human. But those are fairly minor criticisms weighed against the performance of these warmers.

### Chicken Hawk Pole Position Tire Warmers
Price: $540
Contact: Chicken Hawk Racing
Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Pricey, but time is money and tire warmers mean more track time!