Caddystrap Motorcycle Helmet Carrier Review

The best way to bring along another motorcycle helmet

A A pillion strap so clever, we wish we’d thought of it. $15 caddystrap.comJeff Allen

With a forehead-smackingly simple design and thoughtful engineering, the Caddystrap accomplishes something we've never managed: a quick and easy way to bring a second helmet along on a bike.

We've all needed another helmet. Sometimes for a date, more often because a certain buddy had their bike towed. Again. Either way, unless you're packing around a top trunk, motorcycles aren't great helmet haulers. Our solutions have been everything from duct tape to mesh nets. None have been particularly secure. The Caddystrap installs in seconds using your helmet's own strap and double D-rings to create a loop, which in turn adjusts around your removable pillion seat. Cinch up, install the seat, done.

It’s not a universal helmet tote. Dirt bike riders and folks without removable pillion seats will find their lives unimproved, but for the rest of us, the Caddystrap is an ingenious solution. It packs down to nothing and costs not much more. It’s such a simple solution, we were a little thunderstruck it hadn’t been tried before.