Brett Cole's 2005 Yamaha WR250F

A modified dual sport for one-armed riding!

Brett Cole and WR250F
Brett Cole and his modified WR250FPhoto: Kat Conner

2005 Yamaha WR250F
NAME: Brett Cole
AGE: 27
HOME: Trussville, Alabama
OCCUPATION: Installer for N&B Services

My bike is a 2005 Yamaha WR250F that I modified to be ridden with only the left handlebar. I used a KTM hydraulic clutch master cylinder to hook my front brake line to, and rotated the clutch lever as low as I could, so that the "front brake" sits an inch or two above the clutch lever. For the throttle cables I contacted Motion Pro, told them what I needed, and they sent me a custom set of cables that would work with the stock throttle housing and tube so the throttle rolls towards me and not away. I do have a Rekluse auto clutch, but anyone who has ridden with me before I got it can verify that I don't need it, but I do love it.

My best memory with the bike would have to be going to Colorado for the Adventure Rally with my friend and teammate, Harrison Fetters. The entire event was unforgettable! The scenery was incredible, the food was delicious, and the people were great! The trails were a perfect variety of slow, rocky, hairy stuff (we learned why they call it the rockies...still wasn't terrible), to wide open dirt roads, and everything in between. We both want to live there. It was pretty much every Alabama riders dream. We made quite a few friends back home very jealous, and plan to make them more jealous next year if they don't come with us.