Sturgis, SD - The rally may be fading into the rearview mirrors, but the action is just beginning at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. The newest exhibit is called "Main Street" commemorating motorcycling's timeless role in reaching the mainstream. To help the Museum "Honor the Ride" BMW Motorrad has brought a unique concept bike dubbed the R5 Hommage, straight from Europe for an exclusive U.S. debut.

BMW R5 Hommage
The BMW R 5 Hommage combines the world of historical motorcycle design with the modern world of custom bikes.©Motorcyclist

"Synchronicity... The BMW R5 Hommage project demonstrates just how well the world of historic motorcycles and the current custom scene are in harmony with one another." says Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall Of Fame Executive Director Myrick Robbins. "The BMW R5 Hommage really captures the essential spirit of motorcycling of any era and all genres. Plus, it looks pretty cool, too."

Custom BMW R5 at Sturgis Museum
Inspired by the 500cc factory racing machine of 1935, the R5 was one of the groundbreaking sports motorbikes of the late 1930s with its newly designed light frame.©Motorcyclist

The BMW R5 comes to the museum for an extended stay after its U.S. debut at "Skin & Bones" - the custom bike show curated by photographer Michael Lichter at the Buffalo Chip during the Rally. "We are honored that BMW Motorrad has entrusted the Museum to share this unique motorcycle," adds Robbins.

Back in the 1930s the original R5 was one of the groundbreaking sportbikes of the era and a defining machine in BMW Motorrad's illustrious heritage. To mark the 80th anniversary of the original, BMW commissioned this special bike. As befits a custom bike, the homage bike was elaborately hand-crafted from scratch by a couple of European bike building legends, Ronny and Benny Noren: the two brothers have been building tailor-made motorcycles for more than 30 years.

BMW R5 Hommage engine
At the core there is an original 500 cc two-cylinder engine provided by motorcycle enthusiast Sebastian Gutsch. This boxer engine was damaged in a race and provided the starting point for creating the BMW R5 Hommage project.©Motorcyclist

At the core there is an original 500cc two-cylinder engine from a crashed damaged race bike...from there the remaining parts gradually took shape in the Noren brothers' workshop based on sketches by the BMW Motorrad Design Team. In addition to key styling cues, the brothers incorporated some surprises into the project, including a supercharger!

"At its debut, the R5 was not only a masterpiece of engineering, the clarity of its lines and the elegance of its proportions also made it stand out clearly from the masses," says Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad. "To this day, the R5 remains one of the most aesthetically appealing motorcycles in BMW history in my view."

You can see the BMW R5 Hommage for yourself at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall Of Fame, 999 Main Street, Sturgis, SD 57785.