Bell Moto-9 Helmet | MC Tested

I wore a Bell Moto-8 a few years back and loved it, so when I got word that the Moto-9 was supposed to improve on the previous model’s assets, I was excited to try it. The new lid uses a carbon fiber and fiberglass blend for the shell with a standard EPS liner covered by a removable, antimicrobial comfort liner. All told, the 3-lb. 4-oz. Moto-9 picks up about five ounces over the Moto-8.

Protection against spinal injuries is evolving, and thankfully the Moto-9 is, too. It is compatible with the separate EJECT removal system (_www.ejectsafety.com_) that lets EMTs use an air bladder to ease the helmet off a rider's head rather than pulling it off and risking spinal injury. Quick-detach cheek pads also contribute to ease of removal after a crash; they affix to the helmet with a clever magnetic post system.

The Moto-9 fits comfortably snug, noticeably more comfortable than the Moto-8. The Moto-9 isn’t particularly quiet at speed, but few dirt- or ADV-oriented lids are. The only negatives are the added weight and a molded breath guard that seems determined to detach itself from the helmet.

Bell Moto-9 Helmet
Price: $475.95
Conctact: Bell Helmets
Verdict: 3.5 stars
A solid lid that incorporates the latest safety technology.