Testing Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube At An Endurance Race

Made to stay put

Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain LubeJeff Allen

Bel-ray's blue tac chain lube was designed for racebikes, so we set about testing it on our Kawasaki Z125 in a four-hour endurance race. While the little Z isn't a superbike, its chain is unsealed. The only thing keeping the rollers and bushings lubricated was the spray we applied right before morning practice.

After 250 laps, three crashes, and a first-in-class finish, the Z’s chain still spun smoothly and quietly, and the only lubricant splatter was oil barfed out of the crankcase breather when I high-sided early in the race. Whoops.

Staying put is what Blue Tac was designed to do, at the request of the Pramac Ducati MotoGP team. The result was cleaner bikes, cleaner leathers, and properly lubed links at the end of a race, but the tackiness that helps Blue Tac do its job also means it attracts dirt and dust.

If you’re the type who just applies more lube rather than wiping the chain down before spraying on fresh stuff, you’re liable to end up with crud buildup.


Grade: A
Summary: A long-lasting lube that stays put, but its stickiness can create crud buildup if you don't practice proper chain hygiene.
Price: $11