Alpinestars WR-V Gloves | MC Tested

Changeable weather conditions offer a serious challenge to glove-makers. Can a motorcyclist’s hands be warm and dry when heading out in 45-degree fog yet not be sweaty when returning home in 70-degree sunshine? I hoped that Alpinestars’ WR-V Gore-Tex Gloves would answer this question with a resounding “yes.”

Typically, textile gloves offer some advantages over their leather counterparts that make riders willing to accept compromises in safety—whether it’s light weight, breathability or better dexterity. Sorry to say, then, that I did not find these advantages in the WR-Vs. Their insulated velour lining simply makes them too cumbersome, though on a positive note the lining did not try to turn inside-out as on many similar gloves.

The WR-Vs do, however, provide more crash protection than typical textile gloves. There’s padding across the knuckles and the tops of the fingers, plus a synthetic overlay on the palm that extends up the outside of the hand to resist abrasion.

These gloves also are effectively waterproof. Drizzle and light rain were no match for them, as there was no sign of water leaking or collecting anywhere. I soon noticed Jack Frost nipping at my fingertips on chilly mornings, however, and I often found my hands un- comfortably warm on the way home.

Alpinestars’ WR-V gloves certainly have a sweet spot in terms of temperature. For long, wet rides with temps in the 50s or 60s, these mitts would excel. But outside that temperature range, they’re either too cold or too warm.

Alpinestars Wr-V Gloves
Price: $129.95
Contact: Alpinestars
Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars.

**Excellent gloves if you use them in the right temperature range. **