2013 Arai Defiant

New helmet goes for street-fighter look.

New for 2013 in Arai’s line is the Defiant, and it goes a little bit against the grain for Arai as it reaches for an “urban, street-fighter look.” Arai was quick to point out that safety was not compromised in the design of the Defiant, and in fact is shares the same “intermediate oval” shell as the steadfast RX-Q. Inner padding is lifted from the current Signet-Q lid, while a new material has been used in the bottom half of the cheek pads, dubbed “Dry-Max,” that is said to be water resistant.

Styling updates are subtle, but represent a departure from the often conservative Arai lineup. The new styling comes mostly by way of the new chin spoiler that Arai claims creates aerodynamic down force, reduces buffeting, and cuts wind noise while adding to the “aggressive” aesthetic. The Defiant also includes the same moveable spoiler to direct air around the rider’s chin as seen on the top-of-the-line Corsair V. Also standard on the new Defiant is a pinlock-ready face shield and an anti-fog insert.

A new two-stage chin vent allows one setting for aeration of the inside of the face shield, with a second click adding direct ventilation to the rider’s face. Perhaps the biggest innovation for the new vent is owner-access to the mounting screw, so a simple slip-up and cracked vent can be replaced without the help of an Arai tech.

The new Defiant’s pricing will fall in line with the Signet-Q’s, ranging from $619.95 to $795.95. The Defiant will be available at Arai dealers in late spring of 2013. Five solid colors and six graphic designs will grace the Defiant’s shell, with sizes from XXS to XXXL. As with all of Arai’s products, the Defiant meets or exceeds Snell 2010 and DOT safety standards.