2004 Honda Metropolitan Review


The Honda CHF50 scooter is known as the Metropolitan scooter in the United States, but it’s known by many different names around the world as well. Honda first began producing these types of scooters all the way back in the 1960s. Honda first introduced the Metropolitan scooter to the US in the year 2002. The MSRP for the 2004 Honda Metropolitan scooter is around $1,800. The scooter is slightly over 6.5 feet long and 24.6 inches wide.

The liquid-cooled four-stroke engine has a peak output of around four to five horsepower that propels the Metropolitan scooter to a speed of up to around 40 mph. The 2004 version of Honda’s Metropolitan II is limited to 25 mph. The Metropolitan II can even be classified as a moped in several states. The Honda Metropolitan scooters typically get between 80 and 100 mpg on regular gas. These Metropolitan scooters feature a spacious lockable compartment in the center, below that seat, that can fit a helmet and other personal items as well.

The scooter also features a handle to lock the stand from within the compartment and the handlebars are lockable as well. Both 2004 Honda Metropolitan scooters feature a one-piece nonadjustable vinyl seat that is made to only hold the driver. The frame of the scooter is made of aluminum and the body is made of plastic. The Metropolitan comes equipped with standard handle grips and handlebars as well. The 2004 version features a standard speedometer, temperature warning light and fuel level warning gauge on the dash.

Many riders prefer the 2004 Honda Metropolitan scooter over any other scooter currently available. Riders typically prefer the engine performance, reliability, low repair costs and better design of the 2004 Metropolitan scooters when compared to others out on the market. Riders also thought the 2004 Metro scooter was more fun, safer and a better deal for the money when compared to other options. Riders did indicate that other scooters have better off-road, racing track and touring capabilities than the 2004 Metropolitan scooter.

Most riders prefer other scooters or motorbikes when compared to the 2004 Honda Metropolitan II. Riders feel that other scooter and bikes have better engine performance and more fun than the 2004 Metropolitan II scooter. These riders also feel that other scooters and bikes offer more value for the money and are safer when compared to the 2004 Metropolitan II. However, riders did prefer the design and lower maintenance costs associated with the 2004 Metropolitan II.

New For 2004

  • Many new colors for the Honda Metropolitan were unveiled in 2004 including Kiwi, Checkered patterns, and Blue Hibiscus. The Metropolitan scooters are carryover for 2004.

2004 Honda Metropolitan Specs

  • Models: Metropolitan , Metropolitan II
  • Engine Type: 49 cc four-stroke single-cylinder
  • Bore and Stroke: 1.49 x 1.73
  • Compression ratio: 12:1
  • Valve Train: SOHC
  • Induction: Carburetor
  • Ignition: Electric/Kick
  • Transmission: Continuously Variable (CVT)
  • Final Drive: Belt
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.3 gallons
  • Estimated Fuel Economy: 80 to 100 mpg
  • Brakes (Front): Drum
  • Brakes (Rear): Drum
  • Suspension (Front): Telescopic Fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Single Sided Swing Arm
  • Wheelbase: 46.9 inches
  • Rake: n/a
  • Trail: n/a
  • Seat Height: 28 inches
  • Curb Weight: 157 pounds
  • Tires (Front): 90/90 R10
  • Tires (Rear): 90/90 R10


  • The 2004 Honda Metropolitan is available in Sky, Solar, Blue Hibiscus, Salsa, Checkers, Denim, Juice, and Kiwi
  • Front Inner Basket
  • Rear Carrier
  • Rear Trunk
  • Windscreen

Key Competitors For The 2004 Honda Metropolitan

  • The 2004 Yamaha Zuma
  • The 2004 Honda Ruckus
  • The 2004 Kymco Filly LX 50
  • The 2004 Aprilia Rally 50
  • The 2004 Yamaha Vino Classic
  • The 2004 Aprilia Mojito Retro 50