Thor Drake and the See See Motorcycles crew hosted its 10th party in Portland, Oregon, last weekend, The One Moto Show growing from its modest beginnings into what's now the premier moto gathering in the Pacific Northwest. The show was exactly what you'd expect from a venue called the Pickle Factory, a collection of 200 of the coolest and quirkiest custom motorcycles combined with a wide-ranging collection of equally eclectic artwork. The funky vibe was fueled by tall Olympias and strong Stumptown espressos, a steady stream of Portland favorites like Blackwater Holylight laying down heavy grooves as the celebration carried into the night. Not even an arctic cold front sweeping down from the north could keep the crowds from showing up early and staying till late for the three-day celebration of all things two-wheeled.

And I do mean all things. Need proof? Here are 10 wild rides we saw at The One Moto Show 2019.

Move over Flying Fortress, make way for Super Rat’s battle-ready 1975 Moto Guzzi Eldorado. If moto-jousting ever becomes a thing, I’m tracking this bike down! Love how this old bike wears its scars from the road openly, like a badge of honor. The One has always celebrated originality, and this Guzzi bagger is about as original as it gets.Bryan Harley
This Husqvarna gives new meaning to trailblazer. The chain saw- and shovel-equipped Husky should be the official bike of my home state of Oregon. It was the perfect promotional tool at the booth of MototheNW, who has put together a map of 52 free off-road riding areas across Oregon and devised a fun little challenge to encourage people to ride them all. Props to them for encouraging people and families to get out and ride!Bryan Harley
Who’d have thought of taking a little city bike with a stock 6.2-hp engine and turning it into a land-speed racer? Tim Klosterman, that’s who. We have a feeling Klosterman’s been able to coerce more than six horses out of his laid-out 1967 Honda S65 land-speed racer. Complete with a steering damper and rearsets, this Lil Sucker’s definitely primed to tackle the salt flats.Bryan Harley
Gone is the bumblebee yellow and black of Yamaha’s stock big-bore enduro. With its heavily flaked pink tank, white wheels, and white frame, La Siesta Garage’s 1978 Yamaha DT400 looks nothing like the original. And that’s the beauty of it. This one’s got style, and a stompin’ two-stroke to boot. Olé!Bryan Harley
Custom Works Zon 1,800cc boxer twin caused quite the stir when it debuted at Mooneyes Japan. Speculation ran rampant about BMW’s intentions with its hulking new “R18” boxer. Beyond the engine though is more exemplary work by the Japanese shop, the big engine hung in a streamlined steel trellis frame wrapped in Custom Work Zon’s trademark hand-formed metal bodywork. The big wheels help balance out the bike’s aesthetics. Now about that engine…Bryan Harley
Minibikes were a major attraction of this year’s The One Moto Show. This was in large part due to the Chopper Gods who held a “Minibike Build-off and Race.” This Pedro de Pacas mini-chopper built by Jesse Shepard with its fuzzy, sky-scraping saddle, high bars, and chopped front end is Maui Wowie, man. This build was fittingly “powered by pizza, beer, and friendship.”Bryan Harley
Leave it to Biltwell to get the crazy idea to race in Baja Mexico on a Sportster. The Frijole 883 Sportster ran in the NORRA Mexican 1000 and completed the race, finishing 14th in the Modern Open class. Since its showing, the Frijole 883's legendary exploits in the Mexican desert has a earned this scrambled Sportster a legion of fans.Bryan Harley
Just inside the doors of the Pickle Factory sat one of the star attractions of Indian Motorcycle’s display, a Springfield with the coolest sidecar around, a replica “Memphis Belle” B-17 bomber. The bike is the brainchild of freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart, who had the sidecar built with his kids in mind. It was also a big hit with kids at the show.Bryan Harley
Kickstart Garage took a relatively vanilla stock bike and made it the Swiss army knife of motorcycles thanks to a jerrican-style gas tank, a bulletproof headlight plate, and high-intensity lights. Between its dirt-oriented front end and its beefy treaded tires, Kickstart’s 1979 Honda CX500 is prepped for double duty, street and dirt.Bryan Harley
Electric minibikes are the unsung heroes of The One Moto Show. These little champions are run until they can’t be wrung no more. The later races are even more perilous as the track gets littered with empty cans of beer, the collisions become more frequent, and the crowds grow bigger. The Dodgy Derby has its reputation as a “dishonest, unreliable electric minibike competition” to uphold, and thanks to these little mother truckers, the 10th anniversary derby lived up to its name.Bryan Harley