10 Motorcycle Christmas Gift Ideas

Stocking stuffers that every motorcyclist wants for Christmas.

motorcycle christmas gift ideas
moto gift ideas
GloveTacts Conductors©Motorcyclist

GloveTacts Conductors: $10; glovetacts.com Sure, you like the idea of tech-friendly gloves, but you like the gloves you have! They're broken in just how you like them, and suit your style. Now you can make your favorite mitts touch-screen capable, with Glove Tacts. These little sticky pads are machine washable, easily removable, and mighty affordable. Get a set for your riding buddy, too, why not!

kriega, storage products
Kriega Harness Pocket©Motorcyclist

Kriega Harness Pocket: $27; kriega.com OCD types know that organization in a big, gangly backpack can be difficult, which is why Kriega's Harness Pocket is perfect for the fussbudget. A half a liter of roughly rectangular mini luggage, the Cube can be clipped to the shoulder harness of Kriega's backpacks or mounted separately as you see fit (it grabs a dual-sport's handlebar nicely). Sized for your wallet, phone, and essentials. Slightly too small for a reindeer.

leatherman, tread, multi-tool
Leatherman Tread Wristband©Motorcyclist

Leatherman Tread Wristband: $165; leatherman.com Don't just be a tool, HAVE a tool! The engineers over at Leatherman designed a bunch of small, stainless-steel tools and wove them into a bracelet, meaning a collection of Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and box wrenches go with you at all times. TSA will never notice the chic little toolbox on your wrist.

heated grips
Universal Heated Grip Kit©Motorcyclist

Universal Heated Grip Kit: $37; aerostich.com/grips Nothing feels better on a bike than warm hands (well, almost nothing). This universal kit from Aerostich wraps flexible elements around the handlebar of nearly any bike and provides dual-setting heat to the handgrips with the flick of the hi/low switch. Pro tip: wrap the left handlebar with tape so that the heat is more likely to get to your fingers instead of being soaked up by the metal bar. (For 12-volt systems, draws 3 amps/40 watts.)

pinlock inserts
Pinlock Faceshield Inserts©Motorcyclist

Pinlock Faceshield Inserts: $30 (and up); pinlock.nl Whether it's rainy, cold, or you're just panting from a quick lap at the track, the inside of your visor fogging is a pain. There are three options: 1) don't wear a helmet (not recommended), 2) crack your visor and hope it doesn't get worse, or 3) get a Pinlock. It's made of moisture-absorbing plastic, silicone, and magic. We use them all the time, and they're awesome.

aerostitch, helmet speakers
Universal Helmet Speakers©Motorcyclist

Universal Helmet Speakers: $17; aerostich.com/speakers Listening to music or GPS directions can be nice. Spending many monies on a Bluetooth headset can be annoying. These universal speakers plug into any 3.5mm headphone jack and transmit sound into your lid for less than 20 bucks. The speakers are roughly two inches across and a quarter-inch thick, and plug/unplug to an included 40-inch cord.

cruz, cruztools, tool kits
CruzTOOLS Kits©Motorcyclist

CruzTools Kits: $30 - $115; cruztools.com Having a tool kit more and more rare on new bikes, so bolstering your riding gear with a kit from Cruz is an even better idea. CruzTools has kits for tourers, dirt bikes, and everything in between (even some brand-specific kits). Sizes and pricing varies, but in our experience the kits are well made and nicely packaged, so they don't take up too much room while you're on the road.

throttle lock, cruise control for motorcycles
Go Cruise Throttle Control©Motorcyclist

Go Cruise Throttle Control: $20; aerostich.com/throttle Few things are worse than wrist cramp on a long ride, which is why we love motorcycles with cruise control so much. A simpler solution than upgrading to a brand-new bike with cruise is the Go Cruse Throttle Control. The Go Cruise installs over the throttle grip and uses a "patented smart-clip tension design" to hold tension against the brake lever. Two sizes: Small (for Street and Sport Bikes), Large (for Cruisers). Imagine Santa's pleasure if Rudolph had one of these.

on any sunday, video
On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter©Motorcyclist

On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter: $30; redbullshop.us Sequel to an icon, "The Next Chapter" is an awesome way to connect motorcycling with real life. Just make sure you watch the original (1971) too, so you can see where the inspiration came from.

handlebar clock
Clock Clip©Motorcyclist

Clock Clip: $18; aerostich.com/clock Do you know a certain motorbike that does everything but tell the time? Add a classy, analog, quartz-movement clock to the handlebar of any ride with this little Clock Clip, and never miss a meal or taking your meds (or both).