Video: Yamaha's MotoBot Rides the R1M Superbike

But Can He Wheelie?

Yamaha's MotoBot in a full tuck on the new R1M.©Motorcyclist

It seems that in addition to building one of the most technologically sophisticated superbikes on the planet, Yamaha has been developing a special rider for it as well. MotoBot is his name and autonomous two-wheeled robotics is its game. Unveiled recently at the Tokyo Motor Show, MotoBot has shown the capability to ride an unmodified motorcycle at pretty high speeds in a proper full tuck. What is the purpose of MotoBot? Other than having a lot of full-scale RC robotic fun, we can only guess that r&d and testing to enhance rider safety is part of the plan. The YouTube-sourced video below shows that MotoBot can indeed handle the new Yamaha R1M.