The Wraith Video Clip 01

Video: Confederate Motorcycles' J.T. Nesbitt on The WraithWe recently caught up with J.T. Nesbitt, Director of Design for Confederate Motorcycles, at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo where we had the awesome 2006 Wraith motorcycle on display. Confederate's latest design currently graces the cover of Motorcyclist's April, 2005 issue. We had our video camera handy, so Nesbitt took a few minutes to break down the Wraith's design elements. Watch the video clips for some "Motorcycle Design 101" grist with one of the most knowledgeable designers in the business. Breaking Down Motorcycle Design J.T. Nesbitt, Director of Design for Confederate Motorcycles, on the dynamic aspects of The Wraiths's design.

The Girder Front End: Nesbitt tells us how the Wraith's girder front end works, and why he thinks it's superior to a conventional fork assembly.
The Wraith's Unique Chassis, Explained: How the chassis of The Wraith transfers load, allowing it to handle as a unit.
Using the Flywheel as a Gyro: Nesbitt describes balancing the bike using gyroscopic force of The Wraith's heavy flywheel.