Victory Hits the Jackpot

Continuing its program of introducing a major new model each year, Victory unveiled the 2006 Vegas Jackpot in late July. A variation of the Vegas, the Jackpot takes Victory into what the company calls the "extreme custom" segment, typified by those from the smaller Harley-clone makers. Victory sees the Jackpot customer as more biker and less motorcyclist than those who buy bikes such as the Hammer.

Victory created the Jackpot to look like the product of a custom shop, but with the quality, warranty, support and affordability of a major manufacturer. It gets the fat 250mm rear tire from the Hammer with the skinny 21-inch front hoop of the Vegas. Trademark Vegas touches--a raised spine on the tank and fenders, a scallop-sided tank and a split tail--combine with a chromed fork topped by a new stretched shell for the halogen headlight and a different seat (with a quick-detach passenger section) and rear end, including the rear frame, swingarm and fender. The headlight shell and frame are color-matched to the bodywork, which is available in black, red, or red and yellow with "extreme graphics." If you want black with graphics, you'll need to order through Victory's Custom Order Program, still the only major manufacturer's personalizing program that actually customizes the bike to your requirements during assembly.

Like other '06 Victory models (except the Touring Cruiser), the Vegas Jackpot gets the 100/6 powertrain (a 1634cc engine with sixth-speed overdrive). Introduced last year in the Hammer, the 100/6 is narrower than Victory's 1520cc engine. This year it gets new cam profiles to increase the low end. The two '06 limited-production Ness-signature models, which feature special touches by Arlen and Cory Ness, will be based on the Jackpot.

The five basic '05 models--the Touring Cruiser, Vegas, Kingpin, Hammer and Vegas 8-Ball--all return for '06 with new color options--except for the black-only 8-Ball, that is. The only pricing information at press time was that the 8-Ball would remain under $14,000.

During '05, Victory continued the roll that started when it got its styling down with the Vegas. During '05, its sales rose by a third, four times the rate of the rest of the cruiser market. Hey, Victory's on a roll.

Production-spec cruisers are looking more and more like true one-off customs these days, and nothing proves the point better than Victory's 2006-spec Jackpot. Very nice.