Try Yamaha’s New R1 and R1M “Meter Simulator” | UP TO SPEED

We link you to Yamaha’s online superbike dashboard controls so you can get your geek on!

So our First Ride review and photos from the Australian press launch (see First Ride here) got you pumped about Yamaha's all-new, tech-rich YZF-R1 and R1M, right? Its made-for-track performance sounds great but then things start to sound a little more complicated when you get to the part about the IMU, YRC, LCS, LIF, SCS and YCC-T. If so, you're not alone and this is exactly why Yamaha has created a fun way to show how simple the superbike's interface really is.

As we described in our First Ride, all of the electronics are controlled from two bar-mounted switches and displayed on a color LCD screen. On the left grip, a simple up/down/enter switch familiar from R1s of yore, while the right grip uses a thumb-operated wheel that clicks to select. The click-wheel is used to navigate all of the internal menus, while the three-way switch on the left grip adjusts ride modes on the fly (it also engages launch control).

In order to fully grasp the functionality of these two switches, Yamaha has provided us with a “Meter Simulator” that let’s you experiment with the controls from the privacy of your own laptop or mobile device (Yamaha says that a tablet provides the best experience). Whether you plan to put an R1 or R1M in your garage or you just want to see how it works, click the link below and geek out!

  • You may choose to view the Simulator on your desktop computer. However, use of a tablet will provide the best experience.
  • Tutorial videos can be accessed by the button at the top left of the screen. The tutorial videos contain no audio, so pay close attention to the text presented to you, and let each video play in its entirety.
  • While viewing a Tutorial video, the Simulator functionality is not available for use.
  • Certain functionality is not contained in the Simulator, i.e. data logging, maintenance information, wallpaper, etc.