Top Comfort Mods for the Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle

Can the lap of luxury get even better?

Could this rider be any more comfortable?Photo: Motorcyclist

For those used to sports-oriented bikes with postage stamp-sized saddles, taut suspension, and high footpegs, the notion that a Honda Gold Wing's ergos are somewhat lacking sounds unbelievable. Indeed, the Gold Wing comes fully loaded from the factory with more amenities than some sedans, so improving comfort isn't so much about making up for a deficiency as it is tailoring it to a rider's specific size and preferences. Here are some of the best mods to ensure all-day comfort.

Heated touring seat from Mustang. There is a plethora of seat options available for short and tall riders.Photo: Mustan Seats

Mustang Heated Touring Seat ($1,091) and backrest ($224): With pilot and passenger in mind, this heated seat from Mustang Seats is a full inch lower than the OEM saddle. For the pilot, it's narrower at the tank to make it an even easier reach to the ground and also seats the pilot an inch further back for more legroom. The available backrest is 11 inches wide and is fully adjustable. The 18.5-inch rear seat is bucket-shaped to prevent the passenger from sliding forward. The heated functionality is plug and play with OEM models. For taller riders, Wingsoft makes a two-inch higher (than OEM) seat starting at $370.

Put your feet up with adjustable highway pegs from Kuryakyn.Photo: Kuryakyn

Kuryakyn Ergo II Highway Pegs ($220): The combination of a backrest and highway pegs provides the most reclined position possible on two wheels. The Ergo II highway pegs allow riders to stretch their legs out to vary body position on long trips. The pegs are adjustable to accommodate riders of various sizes.

Installing handlebar risers is a simple job that pays dividends towards finding the right reach to the bars.Photo: Kuryakyn

Kuryakyn 3-Position Handlebar Risers ($80): Complete the ergonomics package with three-way adjustable bar risers to get the right bend in the arms. With seat, pegs, and handlebars adjusted to fit personal specifications, ergonomics won't be the first thing getting in the way of a state line-crossing stint behind the bars.

Put the wind beneath your Wing.Photo: Baker Built

Baker Built Dual Air Wings ($200): Using air deflectors is an effective way to moderate temperature and air flow. In cold weather, air deflectors can keep wind off the body as well as direct warm air from the engine towards the rider. In warm weather, wind can be directed towards the body and engine heat away from the body.