Top Comfort Mods for the BMW R1200GS Motorcycle

The comforts of home on two wheels.

BMW R1200 GS Adventure
Dreams of escape and adventure start here.Photo: BMW

"This Bavarian pied-à-tierre is luxuriously appointed and offers accommodation for two, stunning vistas, and all the comforts of home!" This enthusiastic endorsement could just as easily be for an Airbnb rental as it could be for the domicile-like BMW R1200GS. For a motorcycle, utility is contingent on comfort—and there's no other bike so commonly praised for just that. Still, slight tweaks to its ergos can take comfort to the next level. As with similar mods for the Honda Gold Wing, it's all about customizing the rider triangle for a tailor-made fit, rather than compensating for a deficiency.

BWW R1200GS Adventure
Designed and built in Long Beach, CA, the Saddlemen Adventure Tour Seat has a longer feature list than some motorcycles.Photo: Saddlemen

Saddlemen Adventure Tour Seat (starting at $572): The Saddlemen seat has a unique set of features that justifies its premium price. Fully-adjustable lumbar support and precision shaping keep the rider positioned comfortably for long days in the saddle, and gel cushioning, instead of foam, alleviates pressure points and reduces the level of engine vibration transferred to the rider. The seat is designed to be supremely comfortable on the street while still allowing proper body movement off-road. Saddlemen makes several heated and unheated versions.

BMW R1200GS Adventure
Handlebar risers give the GS more dirtbike-like ergos.Photo: Rox Speed FX

Rox Speed FX Anti Vibe Handlebar Riser ($170): In addition to quelling vibrations felt through the handlebar, these risers from Minnesota-based Rox Speed FX provide two inches of rise to put the rider in a more off-road stance for when the going gets rough. They also enable the rider to pivot the bars forwards or backwards to achieve the most comfortable position.

BMW R1200GS Adventure
Adjustable footpegs from SW-Motech offer 36 different positions.Photo: SW Motech

SW-Motech EVO Adjustable Footpegs ($170): SW-Motech understands that (some) GS riders are likely to ride on- and off-road. Making footpegs that can be adjusted for both types of terrain is a stroke of genius. With an internal ratcheting system that allows for 36 different positions, the footpegs can also be adjusted to suit riders of various sizes. The pegs look like traditional dirtbike pegs but also feature removable rubber inserts for road riding. However, the ratcheting system means the footpegs have a longer stalk that moves the footpegs outward. Riders who may find this annoying should look elsewhere.

BMW R1200GS Adventure
Installing a taller windscreen is a common mod for riders looking for extended stays in the saddle.Photo: Puig

Puig Touring Windscreen ($140): Puig's Adventure Touring Windscreen is taller than the stock screen to divert air around the rider more efficiently. The 3mm acrylic screen is available in clear or smoke.

How far have you ridden your GS into the great unknown? Share your favorite mods in the comments section.